Why didn’t the iOS update come, what should I do?

Reading our news, you saw a message about the release of the next iOS update, but when you go to the item Software Update iPhone or iPad is labeled “The latest software has been installed “ or long “Checking for an update” leads nowhere. In this article, we will try to explain why iOS updates sometimes do not arrive, and what to do in this case.

In most cases, this issue is related to the presence of a jailbreak on the iOS device and confusion among the different types of iOS updates. So, first things first.

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In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Types of iOS updates

1. For everyone… These are familiar iOS updates for regular iOS users.

2. For registered developers… These updates can be installed by those users whose iPhone or iPad is associated with an Apple ID of a registered developer, but if desired, this software can be installed by anyone.

The developer updates are the very first and most raw.

3. For participants in the Beta Testing Program… Anyone can get these updates, but you must register with the Apple Beta Program. We described how to do this here.

Let’s take a look at the most common cases in which iOS updates may be missing from Settings.

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Top Reasons Why iOS Updates Don’t Come (Message: Latest Software Installed)

Top Reasons Why iOS Updates Don't Come (Message: Latest Software Installed)

1. The user will see this message if the device does not already support new updates. Check if your iPhone or iPad really supports the latest iOS update. This can be done, for example, on this page.

2. Inscription Latest software installed can be confusing if a public version of iOS (for everyone) is installed on the iPhone or iPad and a user who is neither a registered developer nor a contributor Beta testing programs, saw the news about the release of the beta version of the firmware.

3.On the other hand, this message may be indicated if a beta version of the firmware is installed on the iOS device. For example, iPhone 14 beta is installed and at that time the final version of iOS 14 was released for everyone. In most cases, these two firmwares (the last beta and the final release) are identical, therefore, in the section Software Update the inscription appears Latest software installed

4. In addition, the inscription Latest software installed may indicate that the current update is not yet available for your region. Please try again later.

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How to download the final version of iOS if beta is installed on the device

Method 1

one… Open the application “Settings“And go to the section”The main“And then to”Profiles“;

How to download the final version of iOS if beta is installed on the device

2… In the list of profiles, select “iOS Beta Software Profile” and press “Delete profile“;

3… If prompted, enter your password, then click “Delete»To confirm the action;

How to download the final version of iOS if beta is installed on the device

four… Reboot your iOS device;

five… Open the application “Settings“And follow the path”The main“→”Software Update“.

The gadget will then find the latest iOS update and install it.

Please also remember that following the above procedure will delete your beta profile. That is, the device will not receive updates related to platform testing. To renew the profile, you must use this instruction.

Method 2

You can also update your device using iTunes on your computer (Finder on Mac). Detailed instructions describing the procedure Updates and Recovery iPhone and iPad is hosted here.

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Why iOS Updates Don’t Come (Message: Checking for an Update)

Why iOS Updates Don't Come (Message: Checking for an Update)

In most cases, this message can appear due to the presence of a jailbreak on the iPhone or iPad. Such a device can only be updated by the procedure Recovery in DFU mode… Detailed instructions can be found here.

Long-term “Checking for an update “ may also indicate a busy Apple server (please try later), as well as a slow internet connection.

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