Which side of the foil is the right way to bake dishes in the oven, fire or baking sheet

Which side of the foil should be on the inside and which side should be on the outside, matte or shiny? A question from the category of those, without an answer to which you can live calmly without hesitation, but if you asked it, you must find out the truth.

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Most chefs, cookbook writers, and housewives are on the dark side, that is, they wrap food with the shiny side inward and leave the matte side to heat up under the heat of the oven. Everyday logic explains this quite simply and quite reasonably – matte and textured absorb heat much better than glossy and smooth ones. However, in the case of cooking in the oven, things are not so simple.

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Why does foil have a matte and shiny side

Which side of the foil

If all manufacturers of food foil do this, then why don’t they indicate the right and wrong side on the packaging? A representative of Reynolds Kitchens, the world’s largest supplier of aluminum packaging, provides a comprehensive answer to this question. The fact is that during the rolling of the foil, it makes economic and practical sense to process two layers at once, and it is cheaper, and the probability of the web breaking is reduced. When two layers of aluminum pass between the rollers, the outer surfaces are rolled out to a high gloss, while the inner surfaces that are in contact with each other remain matt. I.e, no deliberate separation of the sides of the foil according to functional features is performed – this is a feature of the technical process

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Which side to put the foil on when baking

Which side of the foil is the right way to bake dishes in the oven

During the cooking process of food in the oven, convection is of decisive importance – flow heat exchange or, in other words, the circulation of hot air inside the appliance. At the same time, it is critically important to tightly wrap and correctly place the dish, but the reflection coefficient of the foil is practically irrelevant either in terms of speed or quality of preparation.

The above does not apply to special non-stick foil – in this case, the desired side is usually marked “non-stick”.

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