Which is correct: hotplate or burner?

Most of us start the morning with putting a kettle on the gas burner … Wait, wait! On the stovetop or on the hotplate? Hardly anyone can quickly give a clear answer and explain it. The thing is that this word is pronounced like this, then so, not really thinking about the correct form. And again we will try to increase our literacy and find out the truth.

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In fact, there can be no double option here – you need to write and speak correctly “Hotplate”… And this is explainable by the origin of the word, although the story is confusing here too.

This word came to us in the 18th century from the Dutch language, derived from komfoor. Its literal translation is “a device for making a fire.” The word clearly shows the letter “M”, which hints at the use of the “comfort” option. Initially, he was correct, as confirmed by Ushakov’s dictionary, and the etymology itself. But in our modern language the word komfoor is used in the form of “confor”. Based on this, it is correct to use the word “burner”, with the stress on the second syllable. And “comfort” remains a colloquial variant, it is clear how and where it came from, but in essence it is already wrong. Other incorrect variants of the name of the device are also used in our language: kanforka, comfort, camphor.

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