Which is better – Windows or Mac? 12 good reasons to buy an Apple computer

Choosing between a Windows PC and a Mac? Or just want to find out what “poppy” is really better than the usual “Windows” from childhood? To your attention – the arguments in favor of the fact that buying a Mac is a much more profitable investment.

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1. Mac is easier to choose

Mac is easier to choose

Unlike PC makers, Apple doesn’t release many Mac models and configurations – companies from Cupertino have historically closer the philosophy of “better, less, better.” You will not see dozens of “poppies” with a variety of characteristics in the store. Two or three versions of the same device will be presented to your attention, so it will be much easier to choose. Whether it is Windows! If you probably do not know which of the dozens of PC or laptop configurations you need, then buying a computer runs the risk of becoming torture.

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2. Mac less likely to break

Mac less likely to break

Just because these are top-end computers, and not the budget “Windows” that most people use. Apple asks its customers decent money – but it offers them unique engineering solutions, high-quality components, excellent build and an exclusive operating system. As a result, “apple” computers work longer, and there are fewer problems with them than with Windows PCs and laptops. Want an example of a “unique engineering solution”? Let’s say, where did you see the Windows system unit that is not … noisy? And even the old Mac Mini with an i5 processor and in a tiny case copes with ordinary tasks (browser, instant messengers, office work) absolutely silently. The same can be said of any poppy!

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3. macOS is easier to use

MacOS is easier to use

Windows 10 is good, but very “difficult” for the average user, the operating system: it affects the combination of two interfaces into one system – the “old” (Windows 7) and the “new” (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10). But macOS is more intuitive than any Windows – if you try a Mac in practice, you will very quickly start to wonder “Why is everything so complicated, inconvenient and confusing in Windows?”.

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4. Apple ecosystem

Apple ecosystem

An argument that is very difficult to resist. If you have not only a Mac, but also other devices – for example, iPhone, AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod or Apple TV, you will be fascinated by the opportunities that the integration of all gadgets into a single ecosystem will give you. Instantly open tabs from iPhone to Mac, sign in to accounts on all devices, access your Apple Music Library anywhere! Neither Google nor Microsoft offer an ecosystem comparable in capabilities to Apple’s solution.

Apple ecosystem

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5. Mac has a lot of great free software

Launchpad on Mac

The proprietary applications iMovie, Garage Band, View, Pages, Photos and many others are provided for free and do their job perfectly – video editing, creating music, transferring photos from the camera / scanning images. And yes – they are much better than their standard counterparts on Windows.

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6. On the Mac do not put the “junk” applications by default

A picture familiar to everyone – you open your brand new Windows laptop, and there … someone already installed a bunch of everything. Some antivirus, an office suite from Microsoft, some games for children like Candy Crash Saga … Of course, you can always remove them – but you need to spend time on this, and not everyone knows how to do it. And, in any case, the impression of Windows these clumsy attempts to make money spoil. There are preinstalled programs on the Mac (moreover, “native” and not “strangers” – Apple makes enough money) – but until you want it, you won’t even see them. Don’t you think that is more correct?

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7. New macOS versions (software updates) are always free

How to download and install macOS Catalina?

Since 2013, new versions of macOS have been distributed for free – and this applies to any version of Makos, both a large annual update and small system updates. In the case of Windows, this is not so – the cost of a licensed copy on the Microsoft website is $ 199 rubles (and the top edition is $ 439 rubles), and you can’t upgrade to the “top ten” for free for two years now. If you buy only legal software, the choice is obvious.

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8. Mac does not need antivirus

What is a trojan?

Unlike Windows users who carefully check with antivirus every USB flash drive installed in the computer’s connector, most Mac owners have forgotten about the existence of such applications. Viruses for macOS naturally exist, however, they are negligible compared to viruses for Windows.

9. Apple laptops and all-in-ones have great displays

New iMac and MacBook Pro no greetings

All modern notebooks and all-in-one monoblocks with an “apple” have Retina IPS displays with luxurious resolution. Windows? Yes, the top models are increasingly equipped with decent screens … but it’s still very difficult to find a computer comparable in real terms to the MacBook Pro. In addition, such a device will already cost almost more than a Mac, and the advantages of an Apple computer will no longer be there.

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10. Apple laptops have the best trackpad in the world

Apple laptops have the best trackpad in the world

After working on it for a couple of weeks, you will feel that you don’t need a mouse anymore – the trackpad (namely the trackpad, not the touchpad) copes with the cursor just as well. And how do you like incredible shortcuts for instant laptop control? A fantastic recognition accuracy? And the amazing tactile sensations when touched? Windows manufacturers have not presented anything like this until now – and they probably will never.

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11. On a Mac, you can officially install Windows (but not on a Windows Mac)

You can install Windows on Mac

Not everyone knows that a compromise is also possible – to take full advantage of the Mac, and if necessary (for example, to work with certain programs) run on the Windows “Mac”. At your service – Apple’s proprietary system utility called BootCamp or third-party applications like Parallels Desktop.

P.S. Yes – a pirated version of macOS can be installed on Windows. But Hackintosh is only for VERY experienced users, as only a certain set of hardware will do. And yes, Hackintosh is far from a Mac. Well, of course, get ready for a long and thoughtful “smoking forums” (and most often in English). Why? Indeed, unexpected problems are ahead of you with a high degree of probability … after all, everything that, it would seem, cannot break in principle, breaks down at Hakintosh.

12. Having tried a Mac once, you are unlikely to return to Windows

We can say with great certainty that if you work actively on a Mac for several months, you will hardly want to go back to Windows. Although, of course, there are exceptions. But they are mainly associated either with the reluctance to learn a new interface, or with the use of certain software, which is released only on Windows.

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