What QR codes the iPhone camera recognizes: 10 use cases

Starting with iOS 11, iPhones and iPads received QR code scanner support in the Camera app. Perhaps the functionality will not seem so important to someone, nevertheless, you can find many useful ways of using it.

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Typically, when connecting HomeKit accessories, you need to read small coded stickers on compatible devices. In some cases, these codes become unavailable after connecting. In order to resolve the issue, Apple has implemented QR codes and NFC support for setting up HomeKit. Interestingly, the size of the code may not exceed 10 × 10 mm, but the camera still reads it.

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The calendar

What QR codes can the iPhone camera read?

QR codes can be used to add events to the calendar, for example, save information by scanning the code from the brochure.

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Contacts, Mail

What QR codes can the iPhone camera read?

By analogy with the Calendar, QR codes can be used to save contact information (when scanning a barcode, the OS will offer to save the contact information encrypted there on the device) or to send e-mail messages to specific addresses.

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What QR codes can the iPhone camera read?

Owners of entertainment venues, cafes, restaurants or eateries will appreciate the QR reader support in Maps. Now clients do not need to waste time on entering the address, just read the code.

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SMS and (iMessage)

What QR codes can the iPhone camera read?

The iOS functionality provides for the ability to send messages after scanning the QR code, which can be useful if the user wants to subscribe to an SMS campaign or send an iMessage.

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Wi-Fi connection

What QR codes can the iPhone camera read?

One of the most common ways to use QR codes is to connect to a Wi-Fi network. In catering establishments, the QR code can be positioned on the counter so that visitors can connect to the Internet without interference. Note that starting with iOS 11, iPhones and iPads received a new feature that allows you to send Wi-Fi passwords to neighboring devices.

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What QR codes can the iPhone camera read?

Owners of smartphones and tablets based on iOS no longer need to dial the number manually, thanks to the support for reading QR codes, the operating system can do it itself.

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Site addresses

What QR codes can the iPhone camera read?

When scanning a code containing a website URL, iOS will prompt you to open it in Safari.

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Callback URLs

A significant number of iOS applications support the Callback URLs feature, allowing users and third-party programs to create custom URLs for specific application areas. Using this function, you can scan the QR code and go to a specific action in the application, for example, open a specific user’s Twitter page.

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How to create your own QR code

There are a huge number of services for generating QR codes, but not all of them are compatible with iOS 11 and newer. Of those that work with this version of the OS, QRStuff.com is a good choice.

iOS is capable of recognizing QR codes not only through the camera. When you save the code to the iPhone, the system will recognize the content and suggest appropriate options.

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