What is Big Sur in the name of the 2020 version of macOS?

At one time, Apple gave names to its operating systems in honor of animals, representatives of the cat family. But apparently, the cougars, panthers, tigers and jaguars are over, or the names simply turned out to be occupied by third-party products, and, starting with version 10.9, OS X releases began to be named after famous places in California.

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Perhaps an example was set by Intel, whose product names are related to the areas closest to the factories. Introduced in June 2020, the version of macOS with serial number 11.0 was called Big Sur (review). Of course, we wondered what kind of place it was, and how remarkable it was.

What is Big Sur?

Big Sur is a sparsely populated coastal area in central California. On the one hand is the Pacific Ocean, and on the other is the Santa Lucia mountain range. This makes the area very picturesque, attracting tourists. Big Sur does not have clear borders, usually as much as 145-160 kilometers of coastline are attributed to the area. This section extends into the continent for 30 kilometers. San Francisco is located 190 kilometers north of Big Sur, and Los Angeles is 395 kilometers south.

Big Sur

Acquaintance with Big Sur usually occurs by traveling along the highway. It is a serpentine with numerous stops for inspection. The weather here is constantly changing, which makes a short trip even more interesting. The windows offer beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean. The beauty of pristine nature is best seen from a convertible. The trip is unhurried, because tourists constantly discover new bays, cliffs and forests. For a long time, this territory was generally inaccessible to humans – the track with a beautiful number 1, connecting Northern and Southern California, appeared only in the 1930s.

Big Sur

Probably, it’s worth looking for some kind of symbolism in the fact that the new Apple operating system, not only by number, but also by ideology, has received the name of such a landmark place for California. Let’s hope that working with macOS Big Sur will be accompanied by the same sense of calm, comfort and tranquility, as well as a trip to the area of ​​the same name.


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