What is an e-mail alias, what is it for and how to create one in Gmail

Email is a versatile tool that almost all Internet users use for a variety of purposes. But many people want to keep their identity incognito and hide the real address of their mailbox.

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What is an email alias

In this case, using a pseudonym is a great solution. It will be useful when e-mail is provided for websites, newsletters, comments in online sources and other similar situations. In fact, a pseudonym is a second name for a familiar email account.

If the address myname@gmail.com already exists, you can create an additional separate address mysecondname@gmail.com for it. He will be a pseudonym in case of unwillingness to show his main address everywhere. But at the same time, all emails, as before, will come to the main Gmail inbox. We will show you how to create an alias for your existing Gmail account.

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Create a new Gmail email address that will be the alias for your primary email

First, create another email account, which will then be used as an alias. You will need it to complete the verification procedure.

In our example, as a demonstration, we will use a different mailbox in the Gmail service, however, users can have a mailbox in a different domain. In this case, the verification process will be different.

Create mailbox in Gmail

How to create an e-mail box on Gmail

Detailed instructions on how to create a new email account in Gmail can be found here.

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How to create an email alias in Gmail

1. Open Gmail. Log into your main Gmail account.

2. Click on the gear icon “Settings” in the upper right corner of the page and in the menu that opens, select “All settings”

How to create an email alias in Gmail

How to create an email alias in Gmail

3. Go to the menu “Accounts and imports” on the top line.

4. In the section “Send emails as” Press on “Add another email address”

How to create an email alias in Gmail

5. In the window that appears, enter the name to be displayed and the email address that will be used as the alias.

6. Check if there is a check mark next to the “Use as a pseudonym”

How to create an email alias in Gmail

7. In the next step, you will need to confirm the rights to this mailbox by sending a confirmation there. Click the button “Send confirmation”

How to create an email alias in Gmail

8. Now you need to go to the previously created second mailbox, and then: either click on the link in the letter received from the Gmail robot, or copy the code there and paste it in the settings dialog box indicated above.

How to create an email alias in Gmail

How to create an email alias in Gmail

9. The alias verification process is complete.

How to create an email alias in Gmail

Returning back to your Gmail account settings, you can see a new one in the list of addresses to send.

If you do not plan to reply to emails on behalf of this alias, then in the menu “Accounts and imports”“Send emails as” change the first option from “Reply from the address to which the letter was sent” on Always reply from the default address

It will also show the address that is currently being used on an ongoing basis. This can be either your main Gmail account or an alias.Z

How to create an email alias in Gmail

Using an e-mail alias will help to hide your actual address, but will allow you to see letters arriving even to the second mailbox in the main folder. It is easy to set up this function for third-party mail services: Mail.ru, iCloud, Yandex, knowing their settings.

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