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Few doubt that sound can only be heard, but not seen. In the course of exposure to the air, we change the pressure on it, moving away from the equilibrium readings. As a result, sound waves are formed. They propagate from the source to the receiver-listener. But why not try to perceive sound waves visually? Their vibrations can catch small particles that will fold into bizarre patterns.

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There is even a science little-known to the general public called cymatics, it just studies vibrations, as the visible part of sound waves. By acting on a thin layer of particles or even a liquid, you can create a real visual masterpiece.

This effect inspired musician Nigel Stanford to record a unique music video. Various installations were connected to the devices, which, based on the sounds created, formed certain visual effects. This musical and scientific show looks really amazing, and it gives us a better understanding of what are experiments related to cymatics.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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