Unusual bicycle models 200 years ago and in our time

We have already talked about the history of the creation of the very first bicycles and the evolution of their design. This time we decided to show you unique photographs of bicycles from two centuries ago, as well as compare them with the most modern and improved models of our time in contrast.


On June 12, 1817, German inventor Karl Dres saddled a strange two-wheeled mechanism and rolled in front of an astonished audience. The device had no pedals, so Drez simply kicked off the ground with his feet. The railcar still in use today is considered the prototype of the modern bicycle.

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Cardboard bike

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

The balance bike shown in the picture above (pedal bike) at first glance seems quite ordinary, but pay attention to its design. This balance bike is made predominantly from recycled cardboard. Its manufacturer, Cardboard Technologies, intended to mass-produce these balance bikes as well as full-size cardboard bicycles. But, unfortunately, something went wrong and the company ceased to exist.

Cardboard bike

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Modern bicycles made of wood

Belarusian wooden bicycles made of birch and ash

The Belarusian company Belwooddoors, which specializes in the production of interior doors, offers its customers bicycles with a frame and fork made of solid wood – birch or ash.

Belarusian wooden bicycles made of birch and ash

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Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

The Star Wars movie saga played a key role in popularizing the concept of flying bicycles or hoverbikes. The photo shows the inventor of this amazing vehicle, Colin Furtze, riding a homemade experimental hoverbike. Outwardly, the device resembles a regular bicycle, but instead of wheels, it is equipped with two powerful propellers.

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Water bike Shiller

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

Take a ride on the water surface on the Shiller pedal boat! It has everything the same as a regular bicycle, except for the wheels, instead of which there are two pontoons (floating devices for supporting on water). According to the manufacturer, the vehicle is capable of speeds up to 16 km / h.

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Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

YikeBike is a folding electric bike. Due to its design, the device is very compact and allows you to ride in several ways. Please note that the steering wheel is not in front, but behind. Pictured above is a three-wheeled YikeBike, however advanced riders can purchase a two-wheeled one.

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Scooter bike

Scooter bike

French designer Philippe Starck teamed up with car manufacturer Peugeot to develop a hybrid bike and scooter. This 2-wheeled vehicle was named Pibal. You can ride such a scooter in two modes: pedaling like on a bicycle and maneuvering like on a scooter.

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Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

The Stoopidtaller is the tallest bike in the world, designed by Richie Trimble. The inventor managed to build a fully functional 6 m high bicycle, which was entered in the Guinness Book of Records in 2013.

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Levitation concept bike

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

Designed by design studio Dezien, the Levitation bike gives an idea of ​​what bicycles could be in the high-tech future. The device is equipped with a generator and battery for charging mobile devices with pedaling power, Wi-F access point and LED display.

The mechanism of magnetic levitation also adds futurism to the bike, which allows it to float above the ground with the help of a magnetic field, easily bypassing all the irregularities on the surface.

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Fliz Concept Bike

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

Introduced in 2012, the Fliz bike prototype is very similar to the device developed by Drez back in 1817. It also lacks pedals, and the rider must push off the ground with his feet. However, unlike the original Drez, the cyclist is suspended from the frame rather than mounted.

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Flexible anti-theft bike

Kevin Scott's flexible anti-theft bike

British designer Kevin Scott has come up with a unique flexible frame bike that can be wrapped around a pole, eliminating the need for a conventional bike lock.

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Victory bike

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

At first glance, the bike looks quite ordinary, but it is not quite so. This Victory model was released in 1942 when the world was engulfed in World War II. At that time, all strategic production materials were primarily used for the needs of the army, so bicycles were produced without them.

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1920s compact bike

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

Portable bicycles are not a new idea. This photograph, dating from the 1920s, shows an unusual bicycle with quite ordinary pedals and a chain. Instead of standard wheels, it has tiny wheels, and the position of the steering wheel in relation to the seat seems extremely uncomfortable.

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Bicycle evolution

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

This 1919 photograph clearly shows the evolution of the bicycle. A device with a large front wheel is the so-called penny farthing, which is one of the first forms of a bicycle. Nearby is a bicycle of a completely modern model, and next to it is the compact version described above with small wheels.

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Motorized bike

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

This picture is dated 1917-1918. It depicts a woman riding an interesting hybrid of a bicycle and a motorcycle.

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Cycling upside down

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

In the early 20th century, acrobat Diavolo wowed audiences with his incredible bike ride inside a bizarrely curved ramp. The tremendous speed of the ride allowed him to be momentarily upside down at right angles to the ground. This photo was taken in 1905. It depicts Diavolo performing his deadly trick in front of an astonished crowd.

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Bicycle stretcher

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

This double photo shows paramedics transporting a wounded Russian soldier on two bicycles fitted to a stretcher. The picture dates back to 1905 and illustrates the events of the Russian-Japanese war.

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Quad bike

Unique photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

The multi-rider tandem bike has been around for a long time. The pictured bicycle for four people sitting one after the other dates back to 1898. The posture of the riders indicates that they are ready for the sporting race.

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Bike stunts of the past

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

Bicycle stunts have gained popularity long before the advent of extreme sports. This photograph, dated 1884, shows a brave cyclist descending the steps of the Washington State Capitol. One can only imagine how the rider felt, because shock absorbers had not yet been invented.

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A very strange tricycle

Photos of bicycles 200 years ago and in our time

This strange design is the creation of Charles Aldrave, who patented it in 1881. The photograph was taken in 1882 and shows an unusual tricycle with a passenger positioned in the center of the entire structure. The bicycle was named “The New Iron Horse”, but it never gained popularity.

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