Turning on a computer on Windows and macOS on a schedule: how to set up

As you know, computer users fall into two categories – those who turn off their device at the end of the day, and those who leave it on. Nevertheless, sometimes even the most zealous “switches” get distracted and, after finishing work, forget to turn off the computer. Fortunately, there are special programs that allow the device to turn off automatically at a set time.

There are many different applications for automatically shutting down your computer, however we recommend choosing two of them – RTG Ninja Shutdown and Simple Shutdown Timer

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How to schedule an automatic shutdown (restart) of your computer using RTG Ninja Shutdown in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10

Created by Indian developer Priyanshu Kumar, RTG Ninja Shutdown is portable and only one window. To use it, you need:

one. You can download the application in the form of a ZIP archive on the developer’s website.

How to set up automatic computer shutdown: 2 programs

2. After downloading, unzip the files and save them in a convenient place for you.

How to set up automatic computer shutdown: 2 programs

3. Double click on the executable file, and the process of installing the program will begin.

How to set up automatic computer shutdown: 2 programs

Then everything is very simple. Select the mode “Offline”And set the exact time to turn off the computer. Please note that the program will not work if you do not fill in all four fields, so it is imperative to set the hours, minutes, seconds, as well as the time of day (AM “before 12 noon” or PM “after 12 noon”). Then you need to select the action that the computer should do at the set time – shut down, reboot or log out of the account (Shutdown, Restart or Log off). Press “Set»To complete the setting. To hide the application window, click on “Hide“.

How to set up automatic computer shutdown: 2 programs

RTG Ninja Shutdown also features an online mode that allows you to remotely set the shutdown time for your computer.

How to set up automatic computer shutdown: 2 programs

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How to schedule automatic shutdown / restart (restart) of a computer using Simple Shutdown Timer in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10

Believe it or not, PCWinTech’s Simple Shutdown Timer is even easier than the RTG Ninja Shutdown. As you can see in the picture, the program is ridiculously small. The application allows you to set the period of computer activity down to seconds. After setting the time, select from the drop-down menu what the computer should do – log off, reboot, shutdown or hibernate (log off, reboot, shutdown, hibernate). Press “Start»And start the timer.

How to set up automatic computer shutdown: 2 programs

Simple Shutdown Timer is installed on a computer like any other program and works with Windows 2000 and newer versions. A portable version is also available. If you are command line savvy, there are several commands for Simple Shutdown Timer, which you can learn more about on the developer’s website.

If you are not impressed with the above applications, there are many others like Windows Reboot and Switch Off.

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How to set up automatic shutdown on Mac

If you are the owner of a Mac, then the automatic shutdown of the computer can be configured according to these instructions.

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