TikTok filter brings people in photos to life

The social network TikTok never ceases to amaze its users. This time, a new Live Photo filter caught everyone’s attention. It is already available for everyone, and its work is provided by the Deep Nostalgia neural network.

♥ BY THEME: Optical illusion: all the balls in this picture are the same color, but how do you see?

The filter attracts with its ability to bring photos to life. The neural network recognizes human faces in pictures and adds animation to them in the form of facial expressions. This is how the feeling is formed as if a person comes to life. Using the filter is simple – you need to point the camera at the desired photo in the TikTok application, in the lens the face will come to life and start either winking or smiling. True, the results can be both surprising and a little shocking.

A post with an example of how the filter works was published on Reddit and immediately went viral. In just a day, readers left more than 700 comments. Users just note that the filter does not always work correctly. And the video itself, published on the Gfycat platform, has already been viewed by more than 2 million people.

And in TikTok, thanks to this filter, a new trend has formed – users are actively using it in the photos of deceased relatives. In addition to processing the photo, the social network also uploads its own reaction to the animation, the revitalization of relatives. How ethical it is is still a question. However, no one bothers you to find your application for this interesting opportunity.

Link to the “Live Photo” filter in TikTok

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