The mouse cursor is missing on Windows, what should I do?

The cursor pointer has become such a familiar tool for us that we understand its full significance only when it freezes or ceases to be displayed on the main screen. With the disappearance of the cursor, it is easy to lose your temper rather quickly – it is inconvenient and difficult to work in this mode.

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But there can be several reasons for the disappearance of the mouse pointer in Windows 10, including a software update, unlocking the screen after long hours of inactivity, waking the computer from sleep mode, accidentally disconnecting the pointing device itself, or simply updating Windows.

Sometimes the cursor disappears when working in Google Chrome, which will require you to reopen all tabs after restarting the browser. Some people solve the problem with a touch screen or stylus to work with the active surface. But this can in no way be considered a universal approach. We suggest you check out some quick solutions to help you get your missing mouse pointer back.

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Tip 1. Try using keyboard shortcuts

The reason for the disappearance of the cursor could be an incorrect installation of Windows 10. But then some combinations with the participation of function keys will come to the rescue. Try to push Fn + F3, Fn + F9 or Fn + F11… This can bring the cursor back to the screen.

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Tip 2. Try a different mouse

Get someone to lend you their mouse for a while to check the status of your own device. With the help of a temporary replacement, it will be possible to understand whether the problem lies in the hardware itself or lies in the internal system drivers. If your mouse was connected via Bluetooth, it is recommended that you check if another device with a similar wireless type of data transfer is interfering.

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Tip 3. Update your drivers

Will need to open “Device Manager”by pressing the key combination Win + R and entering the command devmgmt.msc… Using the keys Tab and the cursor arrows expand the tab “Mice and other pointing devices”, click Alt + Enter on your device and using the key Tab go to tab “Driver”… Click on the button “Update Driver”

The mouse cursor is missing on Windows, what should I do?

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Tip 4. Disable conflicting devices

Different devices connected to the PC at the same time sometimes conflict with each other. This can cause the cursor to disappear. Just unplug everything you can from your computer: USB devices, keyboard, printer, etc. Then shut down your computer and boot it up again. After that, reconnect the mouse to the PC and check its functionality.

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Tip 5. Run a virus scan

Operating system malfunctions can be caused by unknown malware. As a result, it may cause the mouse to malfunction. It is worth checking your computer for viruses at least using the built-in defender. In the start menu, type Defender and run “Security Center”… Here, on the right side of the window, select the option “Protection from viruses and threats “ with a shield icon, and then – “Check now “… This program will conduct a deep and intelligent scan of the system for malware, but for peace of mind, you can use similar third-party solutions.

The mouse cursor is missing on Windows, what should I do?

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How to control the cursor in Windows using the keyboard

Make sure that you have followed all our tips for troubleshooting computer problems associated with the disappearance of the mouse cursor in Windows 10. But if this did not help, and you urgently need to work with only the keyboard, then for this case there are some tips:

  1. If your keyboard works without problems, you can access various menu items using the key Tab… You can use the arrow keys to move up and down. All that remains is to press Enter and select the marked position.

Using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Ffour you can close the currently open window.

  1. If the mouse cursor is visible in Windows 10, but you cannot control it, then try using the combination Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock… When the window appears Mouse Pointer Control click “Yes”to enable cursor control of the mouse pointer. This will help simulate mouse movement.

The mouse cursor is missing on Windows, what should I do?

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