The main causes of anxiety in humans

It’s no secret that the life of a modern person is filled with stress. From time to time, each of us suddenly begins to feel a kind of anxiety. And we ourselves do not understand where it came from. It seems that something unexpected is about to happen, or we have overlooked something. Most often, over time, anxiety dissipates, but for a certain time it can worsen the quality of our life, distracting from work and other affairs. Scientists have found that there are several factors in our life that imperceptibly affect the psychological background, forming the very feeling of anxiety in it. By learning about the causes of it, you can also reduce its impact on your life.

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Excess coffee


Most modern people can no longer imagine their life without a mug of an intoxicating invigorating drink. However, abuse can lead to undesirable effects, and we are not talking about the digestive system. The psyche reacts to caffeine with anxiety symptoms. If she visits you quite often, and you cannot cope with your tension, then it is worth reconsidering the norms of consumption of coffee or other drinks based on it. Estimate how many cups of coffee you consume daily. It is worth at least limiting the reception for a while and then assessing your condition. It is likely that you will soon notice a positive change in your perception of life.

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Do you read the news often

Feelings of anxiety: reasons that provoke anxiety and fear

Even Professor Preobrazhensky from The Dog’s Heart advised not to read Soviet newspapers until lunchtime. It’s all about the news, which can cause alarm, even if they do not directly concern us. With the help of modern smartphones, information channels have become much more accessible. We receive notifications and letters around the clock about various events, important and not at all. In general, all this only forms stress. If the message is urgent, then it is probably associated with some problems, scandals, accidents at work. How can you not start to get nervous and not feel anxiety about the state of affairs and your future? Perhaps you should first opt ​​out of notifications altogether and most of the newsletters. And TV with its news should be watched less often.

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Alcohol and the consequences of a hangover

Feelings of anxiety: reasons that provoke anxiety and fear

When we relax with alcoholic beverages, we may not calculate the dose taken. The result is a subsequent hangover. But in addition to the accompanying headache, nausea and digestive upset, there is another, non-obvious factor. Alcohol abuse is known to cause anxiety. In general, such a regime is incompatible with healthy sleep. And its deficiency also directly affects the feeling of anxiety.

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Treatment for a cough or runny nose

Feelings of anxiety: reasons that provoke anxiety and fear

We consider the common cold to be some kind of transient disease that can be dealt with by putting a handful of pills in your mouth. Actually, this is how most people struggle with it. But taking medication makes us more anxious. And this is due precisely to the common cold. The fact is that the popular cough suppressant, dextromethorphan, like regular paracetamol, can cause feelings of anxiety and anxiety.

True, so far this information has been confirmed on the basis of a study of rats. But it’s worth knowing about this, because treatment for a cold with the help of a series of even familiar drugs can lead to anxiety. It is likely that it will simply evaporate on its own as soon as you stop treatment.

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Lack of water

We can argue for a long time about the daily volume of water we need. But the fact that its lack affects mood is no secret. There have even been experiments in which participants who were low on fluids throughout the day began to feel clearly better by increasing their water intake. There is also a reverse reaction – the subjects who reduced their fluid intake suddenly began to feel some kind of anxiety and a lack of positive emotions.

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Even in Russian fairy tales, the hero was advised to first feed, and then ask questions. Everyone knows that a hungry person is also angry, irritable. In addition, this state is also accompanied by a feeling of anxiety. Here you can even get into a vicious circle – stress impairs appetite, and low blood sugar even more negatively affects mood. So when you’re noticeably nervous, try a snack – it can help.

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Unbalanced diet

Fast food and obesity

Our body is a complex chemical production, in which the lack of one of the ingredients can imperceptibly affect many factors. It is known that a lack of certain nutrients, especially B vitamins, can negatively affect mood. And these vitamins are found in meat, eggs, fish, liver, dairy products, legumes and green leafy vegetables. Consider if you have enough of these foods in your diet. If they are clearly lacking, and you have given up something, for example, by becoming a vegetarian, then this can be the basis for irritability and anxiety.

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Excessive spending time in front of the display

Why Use Night Shift on iPhone - Scientific Explanation

Today, it’s not even computers that take all our time and attention, but smartphones. This is especially true for adolescents. But it has already been noticed that the more they look at the displays of their mobile devices, the more pronounced the symptoms of anxiety. Adults, on the other hand, look not only at computer monitors, but also at TV. And this also becomes a factor in the formation of depressive feelings. Try to limit your communication with these devices and “stick” to one or another screen less often.

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Overheating in the sun

Can a dark-skinned person get sunburn?

It’s hard to stay calm in the heat – it’s frustrating and annoying. A person even physically begins to feel worse – the temperature rises, the pulse and respiration become more frequent. But these symptoms are very similar to a panic attack! The body can interpret what is happening to it in this way, which will give rise to a feeling of anxiety. If something like this happened to you, then first calm your breathing, and then move to a cooler place.

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Limited movement

Body mass index

Physical activity also affects our psychological state. Besides the general benefits, it also helps to avoid anxiety and depression. And playing sports leads to the release of endorphins, which help create a good mood. If you lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle (and now this is the norm for office workers), then try to move more!

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Stress from the volume of tasks

stress at work

In trying to do everything and achieve success everywhere, you may not calculate your strength. And they are required not only by work, but also by home, family, hobbies. If you try to take place everywhere, then this will lead to the formation of stress and anxiety. Try to take a realistic look at your capabilities and correctly distribute your forces. Increased commitment will not benefit your health.

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Do you feel lonely

Few friends - loneliness

We all sometimes get tired of communication and want to be alone. But you shouldn’t lock yourself in – nevertheless, communication with friends and family is very important. After all, this is how we feel like a part of society, otherwise loneliness gives rise to depression and anxiety over time. You should not aggravate the situation and close yourself even more. Communication and support of people close to you will help.

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Lack of walks

It is necessary to be in the fresh air more often – this affects the psychological background. Go to nature, breathe in deeply all the smells around you, recharged with energy. And a good mood will certainly come soon. And vitamin D, which is synthesized under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, will also help resist depression.

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Lack of sleep

lack of sleep

We have already mentioned that lack of sleep affects the state of depression. This in itself is quite an important factor. Not only does a poor night’s rest in general negatively affect health, but also anxiety appears against this background. So try to go to bed early and sleep at least 8 hours a day. If thoughts swarm in your head and don’t let you fall asleep, try putting your phone aside an hour before going to bed and just read a book, meditate, draw or take notes in a diary. This will help unload the mind.

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A mess around

Feelings of anxiety: reasons that provoke anxiety and fear

We may not even notice the disorder that is happening around us, but subconsciously it affects us with a feeling of anxiety. Research also speaks of this. So our environment is very important to provide a psychological background. And seeing endless confusion raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Knowing this, do not allow yourself to be cluttered, as this will only exacerbate your general anxiety.

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