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Each of us gradually acquires certain information throughout our lives. And modern digital technologies only increase its volume. If earlier we kept commemorative films on one shelf, tapes and reels of audio on the other, and family photos on the third, now all this is perfectly coexisting in a computer.

Moreover, even portable drives have such a volume that they can store a significant part of our life. It’s both exciting and a little scary. It is not difficult to cope with the growth of volumes – just buy yourself new disks. But there is another problem – the safety of data. After all, a drive failure means an inevitable loss of valuable information, and these are years of our lives! Of course, there are backup systems, but all of this is expensive. And information is sometimes required right here and now, while it is stored far away. Cloud storage comes to the rescue. Users may not carry laptops, flash drives or external drives with them. You only need access to the Internet and a mobile device to access your data from anywhere in the world. Today, there are already quite a few online services offering cloud storage. Most of them provide a limited amount of data for free use, or simply cannot ensure the confidentiality of information. In search of a voluminous free storage for backups, pay attention to the TeraBox service.

We will talk about the capabilities and advantages of TeraBox a little below, but the most important thing that the user will pay attention to is the possibility of free storage of up to one terabyte of information. I must say that for most users, the computer’s storage is smaller. The volume allocated by TeraBox should be enough, for example, to store 250 films in HD resolution. Cloud storage service provides the ability to access your information not only from a personal computer, but also from any other, including mobile, devices. Its safety is ensured by the built-in automatic backup function.

How do I install the TeraBox app?

To download the branded client for iOS devices, open this link. Android device owners will need to go here. After the application is installed and launched, you will be prompted to register in the TeraBox service. However, you can use your Google, Facebook or Apple ID account to sign in. Registration can be done not only with the help of a mobile client, but also through the form on the main page of the TeraBox website. After registration, you will have access to 1 TB cloud storage for free.

Features and benefits of TeraBox cloud storage

The service has a simple interface that is not overloaded with various buttons and graphical elements. TeraBox can be accessed from devices with any popular operating system. The download itself is carried out at high speed, as well as the subsequent synchronization with client devices. In this case, photos can be automatically uploaded to a pre-configured cloud folder. In the client, you can watch the posted videos using the built-in video player, there is also a built-in photo viewer. However, it does not support all formats. The web interface has a very convenient remote upload function – you can specify which file using https or even bittorrent protocols to download directly to the cloud, magnet links are also supported

When using the web interface, you can upload data directly to folders using simple drag and drop. By the way, special attention is paid to working with them. In your storage, you can create the desired structure of catalogs or categories (music, video, photos), so that you can conveniently navigate through them and find the information you need. Right in the cloud, you can edit your documents and share them with other service accounts.

Of course, TeraBox pays special attention to privacy. This is ensured by strong data encryption. The service guarantees that neither stored nor transmitted data falls into the hands of third parties. This large company is serviced by qualified specialists – Baidu cannot afford to lose face to its subsidiary. The service is constantly updated to meet user expectations as much as possible and to ensure stability of work. There is a function of automatic reservation of photos, which can be activated by simply moving the slider.

Limitations of the TeraBox service

Do not idealize this cloud storage and assume that its free version can do everything the user wants. There are some limitations you may encounter. They are unlikely to interfere with productive work with TeraBox, but they are worth knowing about.

First of all, it is worth noting the lack of a desktop client. Mobile clients for iOS or Android are offered to choose from, but on the computer you will have to use the web version of the cloud service. The WebDAV protocol is not supported by TeraBox, and it is used when collaborating on documents. Only photos can be automatically uploaded to the cloud and distributed to folders. And there are limits for a one-time download – up to 300 files or 4 GB / file. But, it is worth noting that these limits do not apply if you download via a web client using the bittorrent protocol, which is great


The growth in the amount of information forces us to look for proven options for cloud storage. The main advantage of TeraBox is a huge free volume provided to the user – 1 TB. None of the other major cloud services can boast of this. TeraBox offers a good set of tools for working with the cloud, which will allow you not only to upload data there, but also to process, view, sort. And the availability of clients for mobile platforms makes access to the cloud also universal.

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