Wi-Fi speed: how to check on your computer, iPhone or iPad and how to avoid mistakes

Almost every Internet user faces Wi-Fi network problems from time to time. Perhaps the connection speed drops for no apparent reason, or it seems that it does not match the tariff you are paying. There are quite a few online services for testing Wi-Fi connection speed. They work in any browser and allow you to … Read more

Tenda 4G03 or how to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from 3G / 4G (LTE) Internet

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Why am I connected to Wi-Fi but no internet?

Sooner or later, this happens to everyone – the signal of your Wi-Fi network is strong, but there is no Internet connection. The point is that Wi-Fi and the Internet are two different things. Understanding their differences will help you troubleshoot future network connectivity issues. ♥ BY THEME: How to pass a Wi-Fi password to … Read more

EZVIZ TY2 Review: Rotatable Wi-Fi Camera

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Tenda Nova MW6 Mesh System Review: Seamless Wi-Fi Network Up to 500 Sq. meters

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How to find a forgotten Wi-Fi password on a Windows computer: 4 ways

When we connect our device to a Wi-Fi network, we usually have to enter a password for it. This is a one-time operation, then the connection will be carried out automatically. As a result, over time, the password can be simply lost or forgotten. But it may be required at least to be used with … Read more

Tenda Nova MW3 mesh system review, or how to make seamless Wi-Fi anywhere

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How to enable tethering and share the Internet (Wi-Fi) from an iPhone or iPad

Everyone knows that the iPhone is a multifunctional device. However, not everyone is aware that the gadget can act as a full-fledged portable access point – router – for other mobile and desktop equipment. “Sharing” the Internet from an “apple” communicator or tablet is actually very simple. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to download a video … Read more

How to find out Wi-Fi parameters (speed, channel, etc.) in macOS in one click

Menu bar (macOS element where date and time are located, quick access to functions like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and so on) has more capabilities than it seems at first glance. With the press of just one button, you can get additional – and sometimes very important – information. ON THIS TOPIC: How to quickly open … Read more

How to forget Wi-Fi network on iPad, iPhone and Mac

Apple devices have an excellent feature, thanks to which they remember the Wi-Fi networks to which they connect. This allows devices to automatically reconnect when they are within range of the network. But sometimes it takes a device to forget about this network. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to transfer Wi-Fi password to someone else’s iPhone … Read more

How to transfer the password from Wi-Fi to someone else’s iPhone or iPad “in one tap”, without opening it

Starting with iOS 11, Apple has implemented many automatic features related to initial system setup and account authorization. This also applies to Wi-Fi networks – you can now use one tap to connect new devices running iOS 11 (and newer) to your Wi-Fi. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to turn off the sound (clicks) of the … Read more

Wi-Fi does not work on iPhone or iPad: possible solutions to the problem

Wi-Fi does not work on iPhone or iPad: possible solutions to the problem

Among all the problems faced by owners of mobile gadgets, poor performance or a complete lack of Wi-Fi connection is one of the most common. Usually the fault is the incorrect user settings of one of the devices (router or smartphone), but sometimes it is not possible to resolve the current situation without intervention at … Read more

Slow (slows down) Internet (3G / 4g / Wi-Fi) on iPhone: the main reasons

Slow (slows down) Internet (3G / 4g / Wi-Fi) on iPhone: the main reasons

For many of us, a smartphone is the main means of access to the World Wide Web, so the speed of the Internet on a mobile device is very important. However, at times the speed of mobile Internet can be significantly reduced, which is reflected in the slow loading of pages in the browser, downloading … Read more