How to protect WhatsApp from hacking with 2-step verification

Back in early 2017, the WhatsApp messenger received the option of two-factor authentication, which allows you to secure the data on the device from unauthorized people taking possession of it. It is not necessary to update the messenger to activate this option. ♥ BY THEME: 10 Useful WhatsApp Options Everyone Should Know How to protect … Read more

Self-deleting WhatsApp messages: how to send

In August 2021, WhatsApp introduced a new feature in its iOS and Android apps. With its help, users can exchange photos and videos that disappear immediately after opening. The very name of this function speaks volumes about its essence – “One-time viewing”. It removes content immediately after another person has viewed it, a similar feature … Read more

How to disable autosave Photos and Videos in Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram on iPhone

It is not often these days that you meet an active user who does not have an icon of any messenger or VoIP client on the smartphone’s desktop. Indeed, programs such as Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp not only diversify communication between people, but also help to significantly save on cellular services. ♥ BY THEME: Why … Read more

Invisible on WhatsApp: How to enable hidden mode

Anyone old enough will be able to remember their delight at the emergence of SMS-messaging technology. Then it seemed to be the limit of perfection of telecommunication technologies. After all, each person could send an instant message to his friend from anywhere. The evolution of technology didn’t stop there. It is believed that the next … Read more

How to disable automatic saving of photos and videos in WhatsApp for iPhone

The popular WhatsApp messenger automatically saves incoming photos and videos to the stock iOS media library by default. Not all users like this feature (especially for owners of iPhones with basic storage). ♥ BY TOPIC: 10 Useful WhatsApp Options Everyone Should Know + Video… How to turn off automatic download of photos and videos in … Read more

How to pin and unpin a WhatsApp chat

While using WhatsApp, you may have many chats, but only a few are important. In order for the necessary correspondences to be constantly visible, they must be fixed in the chat list. Moreover, this process itself in Android and iOS looks a little different. Pinning a chat on WhatsApp is pretty easy anyway. We’ll show … Read more

How to transfer a conversation from WhatsApp to Telegram?

In January 2021, WhatsApp was embroiled in a scandal involving the transfer of user data to third-party services. This has prompted many to look for more secure alternative messengers. One of them is Telegram. ♥ BY TOPIC: Private messenger Signal: why everyone installs it and why is it better than Telegram? WhatsApp messenger allows you … Read more

Turn off the sound of notifications in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and iMessage chats

Group messages on Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp or iMessage can be quite annoying, and if the group members are in different time zones, then communication can turn into a real mess. In such a situation, sound notifications about messages in some chats can be turned off. By turning off notifications, you will remain a member of … Read more

How to share location (location) in WhatsApp on iPhone in real time

During its existence, the WhatsApp service has acquired a considerable number of interesting and useful functions, becoming one of the most popular instant messengers with an audience of over 2 billion active users. With its help, device owners can exchange messages, images, various documents and videos, make voice or video calls, etc. Among other things, … Read more

How to find out by sound, from whom (from which chat) WhatsApp message came

Do you want to immediately understand by the sound of the message from whom exactly the message came to you on WhatsApp? It is really possible, for this you need to configure the notification sound for a specific contact or user group. In addition, you can generally turn off the sound for group calls. ♥ … Read more

How to properly configure notifications for WhatsApp, VK and Telegram on iPhone

It’s not enough just to lock the screen of a smartphone. It may happen that any stranger who has taken your iPhone into his own hands will be able to read information from notifications. If you want to remove personal conversations in instant messengers from the lock screen, then you can turn off the preview … Read more

Amazon’s iPhone X heads hacked through WhatsApp and downloaded gigabytes of data. Suspect arab prince

Amazon’s iPhone X heads hacked through WhatsApp and downloaded gigabytes of data. Suspect arab prince

The Guardian reports that on May 1, 2019, the iPhone X of Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon, was hacked. Hackers pumped tens of gigabytes of data for several months in a row. The Financial Times claims that Bezos received a virus-infected video file from WhatsApp in correspondence with Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin … Read more

How to block contact in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

How to block contact in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp is not accidentally called almost the most popular program for instant messaging, which helps people to keep in touch with each other, even while being on the other side of the world. ♥ BY TOPIC: iPhone turns off in the cold: why is this happening? Although the messaging application provides users with a convenient … Read more