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Comparison of the first iPhone and the first smartphone on Android (video)

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Simon is the world’s first smartphone, which appeared 15 years before the iPhone (video)

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The effect of old film strip (vintage) on video in iPhone or iPad

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How to create and edit YouTube video subtitles

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How to shoot video on iPhone simultaneously from two cameras (main and front)

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God level: a store employee enters data into the cash register as if playing a musical instrument (video)

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Steve Jobs said the word “Boom” 313 times at official presentations (video)

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Ventriloquists (ventrologists), or how to speak and sing without opening your mouth (video)

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The glass in the iPhone 12/12 Pro easily or scratches and breaks: video tests

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Snapchat aging face video: how to animate yourself from young to old

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No sound (not recorded) when shooting video on iPhone 6, 6s, SE, 7, 8, X, XS, 11, 11 Pro – problem solving

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Free online video editors working without registration

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DeepFake (deepfake) – realistic replacement of faces on video using neural networks

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How to record iPhone and iPad screen video without jailbreak and computer

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WWDC: History of Apple Developers Conferences 2007-2019 (video)

On launch day WWDC 2020, we suggest you take a short excursion into the past and take another look at past achievements of Apple by the example of those that were covered at previous conferences of Apple developers. The first Apple Developer Conference was held in Monterrey (California, USA) in 1983. Until 2002, WWDC was … Read more

Best iPhone Standard Ringtone Remix (Audio + Video)

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How to replay a YouTube video

Every YouTube video hosting user at least once in his life wanted to put his favorite video to repeat and listen to it again and again (you can even immediately with the lyrics). “YouTube” is imprisoned for other usage scenarios (watch the video once and move on to the next), but using regular means to … Read more

How to record video from a computer screen in GIF (gif) on Windows and Mac: 6 free programs

Recording from a computer screen is a very useful thing that can be useful in various situations, for example, for designing materials, a visual explanation of how a particular function / program works, or just to turn a fragment from a funny video into a GIF file. There are many applications that allow you to … Read more

An orchestra of old computer components plays popular music hits (video)

Many readers will probably remember the times when floppy drives, dot-matrix printers, dial-up modems and other peripheral devices that emit a furious mixture of squeaks, clicks and buzzes while working were still relevant. Perhaps, it will also be interesting for many to look at the “academic” performance of popular melodies by these devices. ♥ BY … Read more

Budgie activates Siri voice on iPhone (video)

A two-year-old budgie named Kiwi was able to independently activate the voice of Siri’s digital assistant on the iPhone. The bird learned to masterfully imitate the owner’s voice, overhearing how he repeatedly appeals to artificial intelligence. ♥ BY TOPIC: Parrot repeats iPhone ringtone (video). A user recorded a funny video of a budger’s conversation with … Read more

How to set your own background on a Skype video call + 60 free background images

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How to quickly convert video to download to the Internet on a Mac using Automator

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How to organize a video call or video conference: 5 useful tips

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What Internet Speed ​​Is Required to Watch 4K Video (Movies) – Apple Answer

Choosing a plan to watch high-resolution video? Of course, the question immediately arises: what should be the connection speed for watching 4K video? The answer is an Apple tech support document. The text says, among other things: “Apple recommends minimum speed for 4K streaming [Интернет-соединения] at 25 Mbps. “ And one more thing: “When you … Read more

Apple Hermitage video tour: unique five-hour movie shot on iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Hermitage video tour: unique five-hour movie shot on iPhone 11 Pro

Apple pays a lot of attention to the “Shot on iPhone” project. First of all, this allows us to evaluate the capabilities of the company’s flagship flagships, and such films undoubtedly have artistic value. In March 2020, the first film of this series filmed in Russia was presented. ♥ BY TOPIC: In which smartphone is … Read more

iPhone 2G thirteen years later. What the first Apple smartphone + video presentation could do

13 years ago – January 9, 2007 co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs introduced the world touch smartphone company, dubbed iPhone. Sales started only six months later – on June 29, 2007. For that time, the device of the company from Cupertino was very innovative and interesting. ♥ BY TOPIC: iPhone that Apple did not release: … Read more