13 unusual facts from the history of the IT industry

Sometimes technologies appear, develop and disappear for very strange reasons. The most interesting incidents “on the topic” are collected in our selection. Wi-Fi technology appeared thanks to the Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr is a famous Hollywood film star of the classical era. She is also a gifted mathematician and an expert on defense systems (she … Read more

Yankai’s Triangle – a bright and unusual puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

Yankai’s Triangle is an extraordinary and extremely bright puzzle from Kenny Sun studio, in which players have to collect jigsaw puzzles from triangles. The game has an interesting graphic design using all shades of the rainbow and a huge number of levels, differing in both complexity and color saturation. Download Yankai’s Triangle for iPhone and … Read more

Life hacks and unusual effective uses for ordinary things (part 2)

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10 most unusual drawings visible from space with coordinates on Google Maps

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Life hacks and unusual effective applications for ordinary things: TOP-50

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