How to uninstall apps from iPhone and iPad: 3 main ways

Some iPhone apps look great in words. But once you install them, it turns out that it is only in reviews that the programs work so well. And often, annoying in-app purchases noticeably interfere with its functionality. ♥ BY THEME: Which iPhone holds the battery better? Comparison of the battery life of all current iPhones. … Read more

How to uninstall apps on Apple TV: 2 ways

Often, after experimenting with installing various applications on Apple TV, many of them will eventually become unnecessary and will simply take up space on the set-top box. If you still don’t know how to uninstall apps on your Apple set-top box, this step-by-step guide will help you get there. ♥ BY THEME: How to restart … Read more

How to install or uninstall the application on Apple Watch

How to install or uninstall the application on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is far from being just a smart watch; it can be even more useful due to the ability to install applications. This device has in its assortment a rather diverse and attractive design, a clear dial and a sufficient number of pre-installed applications for a variety of purposes, from tracking physical form to … Read more