iPad as a second display for Mac: how to turn it on
With the release of iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina, Sidecar is available, allowing you to use your iPad as a second display without installing additional
How to turn off tab preview in Safari on Mac?
With the release of the Safari 14 Update, Mac introduced a feature called Tab Preview. It allows you to preview the contents of an inactive browser tab on hover.
How to turn on protection against calls from unknown numbers in Viber?
New technologies are improving life for many people, but the opportunities that arise are of interest to scammers as well. With the spread of social networks
How to turn off phone calls on iPad and Mac
The brilliant Continuity feature lets you get started on one device and then pick up on another, or answer a paired iPad or Mac while taking a call on your iPhone.
How to turn off your Mac display without shutting down the computer itself
Quite often we run some task on the Mac that does not require our presence, and we move away from the computer. You can turn off the display to save energy
How to turn off notifications of new “Memories” on iPhone and iPad
Periodically, our iPhone or iPad may wake up or disturb the owner with a notification that a new one has appeared “Memory” in the application “
How to switch (turn on, pause) songs on AirPods
While the regular wired EarPods included with the iPhone have a remote control that has extensive control over music playback, the wireless AirPods do not.
How to turn an iPhone with AirPods into a spy microphone
It turns out from a little-known function Accessibility, iPhone and AirPods wireless headphones can make a real “spy” device. ♥
What happens if you turn on Do Not Disturb on iPhone
The Do Not Disturb option first appeared in iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion. Its essence lies in the ability to restrict incoming calls and messages from
Screen rotation does not work on iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 Plus, how to turn it on?
In this article, we will tell you how to control (disable or enable) screen rotation in different versions of the iPhone while holding the smartphone in
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