Kenshō review for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac – an extraordinary adventure in a surreal world where nature, time and space intertwine

At the first glance at the trailer for the atmospheric puzzle Kenshō from the Russian developers FIFTYTWO, the magnificent animation and soundtrack are immediately striking, but it is difficult to judge the gameplay from the short video. Basically, the gameplay of Kenshō combines the mechanics of the well-known “tag”, “three in a row” and 2048 … Read more

How much time do you spend in each application on iPhone or iPad, how to find out

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How to automatically close Safari tabs on iPhone and iPad after a certain time

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How to share location (location) in WhatsApp on iPhone in real time

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How to automatically change wallpaper on iPhone or iPad based on time, place, etc.

To change the wallpaper on the lock screen or iPhone home screen, you must launch the Settings app. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to automatically change these pictures. New automation features introduced in iOS 14.3 now allow you to do this. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to add a voice alert when iPhone or … Read more

Why the screen goes blank, or how to change the auto-lock time of an iPhone or iPad

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How to set Apple Watch to change automatically based on time and place

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Features of the macOS Calendar, or how to schedule the launch of files or programs on a Mac at the right time

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What is the “golden hour” when taking a photo, or at what time of day it is better to take pictures on the street

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How long does the iPhone battery live, how to count charging cycles and when is it time to change the battery

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DISCOUNT (299р → 15р) Star Walk 2 – “living” cosmic sky on iPhone and iPad (planets and constellations) in real time

“Astronomical” program Star walk (see our review) is one of the most popular third-party space applications. More than 10 million users, victory in the prestigious Apple Design Award … The success story continues with the second part of the legendary application. Download Star Walk 2 for iPhone and iPad (App Store) People like to look … Read more

How to find out the time of the last application launch on iPhone or iPad

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Split View, or how to split a Mac screen to work with two applications at the same time

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Remember that column, Apple HomePod? It’s time to forget

Remember that column, Apple HomePod? It’s time to forget

Smart acoustics from Apple was first announced at WWDC in 2017 and caused genuine interest among fans of the brand and simple music lovers. At first glance, the HomePod was perfect: inside – seven high-frequency speakers, directed in a circle, at the top of the mid-low-frequency driver. Touchpad to activate Siri, rewind tracks and adjust … Read more