How to enable dark theme on Apple TV

Starting with tvOS 10, the Apple TV set-top box has become available, among other things, in dark colors (Dark Mode). This mode is useful for those who like to watch a movie at night without light, as the dark mode makes useful information more visible (icons, menus, posters, etc.). How do I enable it? ♥ … Read more

Dark theme on iPhone and iPad: how to enable and configure automatic scheduled switching

It’s no secret that the emerging dark theme of the interface with the release of iOS 13 was designed by Apple developers long before the release. It’s not hard to understand the reasons for this delay – Apple has done a great job. It was easy to just recolor the interface elements black. But the … Read more

The dark theme in iOS saves battery power: which iPhone models will it work?

The dark theme is one of the main notable features introduced with the release of iOS 13. It has proven so easy to use that third-party apps and websites have adopted it. On the YouTube channel PhoneBuff, an interesting study was carried out, which aimed to find out how much better working with an active … Read more

DISCOUNT (149r → 0r) Hitman Sniper is a great theme shooter for iPhone and iPad

After the successful release of the story of Agent 47 on mobile platforms in the form of a turn-based role-playing strategy of Hitman GO, executed in the style of a board game, developers from Square Enix studio made another gift to fans of the series. Developer / Publisher: SQUARE ENIX INCDownload Hitman Sniper for iPhone, … Read more