IPad 9 Review: Apple’s Most Affordable Tablet in 2021

At the fall presentation of 2021, Apple presented, in addition to the new iPhone 13, an updated model of the company’s most affordable tablet – iPad 9 (2021). The main updates were expectedly the processor and camera. ♥ BY THEME: How to recognize text from photos on iPhone and iPad without installing third-party applications. 9th … Read more

How much random access memory (RAM) do you need for a computer, tablet or laptop in 2019

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How to find out the Android version on a phone or tablet?

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All iPad models by years from first to last: overview and differences of each Apple tablet

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How to draw on a Mac using an iPad or iPhone as a graphics tablet

How to draw on a Mac using an iPad or iPhone as a graphics tablet

Users of iOS 13, macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13 found on their devices an unexpected interesting feature called Continuity Sketch. It greatly extends the drawing capabilities of Mac documents with iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. And the tool is an ordinary human finger or Apple Pencil. ♥ BY TOPIC: “Data Saving”, or how to enable … Read more