Review of the game Euclidean Skies for iPhone and iPad: an impressive puzzle adventure game with support for augmented reality

The game Euclidean Skies, that is, Euclidean Heavens, is a continuation of the rather successful puzzle Euclidean Lands (respectively, Euclidean Earths), which, in turn, combined the mechanics of the Rubik’s cube familiar to everyone from childhood and something similar to the turn-based strategy Hitman Go from Square Enix … As for the sequel, much more … Read more

List of cars with Apple CarPlay support (2016-2021)

Cupertinos have updated the page on the official website, which presents car models that support the proprietary Apple CarPlay interface. ♥ BY TOPIC: 10 useful devices for the car from Xiaomi 70mai. According to the company, many car models of 2017-2021 will soon get support for CarPlay. release. List of cars with Apple CarPlay support … Read more

Review of Satechi Smart Outlet with Apple HomeKit support

When shaping the look of their home, modern people increasingly desire to make it “smart”. But for this it is not at all necessary to arrange expensive repairs, lay communications and pore over a detailed project. There are many solutions on the market that allow you to control existing devices using a traditional electrical network … Read more