Review of the game Photographs – Puzzle Stories for iPhone and iPad

Any game fan will tell you that jigsaw puzzles don’t have to be accompanied by a deep story. Puzzles are attracted not by the plot, but by the need to solve a specific riddle, straining the brain. But Photographs tried to break the prevailing stereotype. Moreover, the game has five stories at once, each of … Read more

11 stories of outstanding IT plagiarism that launched breakthrough technologies

“Good artists copy, great artists steal with talent.” The main paradox of intellectual property. How much did Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel, Blackberry and others “borrow” from each other what was later transformed into a legendary know-how that deservedly glorified another brand? ♥ BY TOPIC: When There Was No YouTube: Apple’s 12 Best Print Ads … Read more

Review of the game “Blood feud. The witcher. Stories “for iPhone and iPad

Some plots are so good that they are embodied not only in games, but also in their most diverse variations. This is exactly what happened with The Witcher. If you don’t like the classic RPG with heavy graphics and active control of the hero, then the card game Gwent is at your disposal. She is … Read more