Famous quotes of Steve Jobs | Apple

Steve Jobs’s wit was expressed not only in his products, but also in his statements, which, apparently, will be remembered for centuries. Here is a list of the most effective and memorable statements by the creator of Apple, spoken throughout his entire tenure as CEO of the company: ♥ BY THEME: The largest video archive … Read more

What was the first work of Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Stephen King and other famous personalities

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(Test) Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak: How Well Do You Know the Biographies of Apple Founders

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Steve Jobs said the word “Boom” 313 times at official presentations (video)

Behind the founder Apple there were many strange, unpleasant, useful, repulsive and other habits. One of them is a specific idea of ​​how to draw the audience’s attention to important points in your speeches. Jobs simply overused the sonorous “BOOM!” during live performances. ♥ BY TOPIC: Why Steve Jobs drove an unlicensed car and parked … Read more

What did Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and other IT gurus do at 25

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Why Steve Jobs drove an unlicensed car and parked in a disabled area

The willfulness of the Apple founder, bordering on eccentricity, has become the basis for many hot rumors, speculation and outright gossip. However, as you know, there is no smoke without fire – one of the users of the social service Quora said that Steve Jobs has repeatedly been seen in a car without license plates, … Read more

Apple’s story in pictures – how Steve Jobs saved the company and brought it back to success

Jill Amelio (CEO of Apple from 1994 to 1997), buying NeXT in 1996, sincerely hoped that Jobs’s creative genius would help out the Apple collective, teetering on the brink of hopelessness and crisis of ideas. Steve saw only himself in the role of the hero-savior, and he had good reasons for that. The deal between … Read more

30 years of sympathy and enmity between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in facts and photos

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How Steve Jobs Looked for a Job: A Resume 3 Years Before Apple Founding

Everyone needs to start somewhere … In 1973, legendary entrepreneur and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was looking for a job. He had already dropped out of Reed College by then, but there were still 3 years before Jobs would forever change the computer industry by founding Apple. Besides, 18-year-old Jobs needed a car. As stated … Read more

Photo by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and other IT celebrities in their youth

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