Kenshō review for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac – an extraordinary adventure in a surreal world where nature, time and space intertwine

At the first glance at the trailer for the atmospheric puzzle Kenshō from the Russian developers FIFTYTWO, the magnificent animation and soundtrack are immediately striking, but it is difficult to judge the gameplay from the short video. Basically, the gameplay of Kenshō combines the mechanics of the well-known “tag”, “three in a row” and 2048 … Read more

How to remove duplicate files (photos, etc.) and free up space on Mac: the best free apps

Many users have probably faced the problem of a large number of duplicate files. Copies take up a lot of Mac SSD space, slow down the installation of updates, and are confusing when looking for a specific file. ♥ BY THEME: How do I use Quick Notes on Mac and iPad? In most cases, duplicates … Read more

DISCOUNT ($ 479 → $ 179) Space Marshals 2 game for iOS – a sci-fi western on the scale of outer space

The developers of the Pixelbite Games studio have presented the long-awaited sequel to the exciting mobile sci-fi tactical shooter Space Marshals about the adventures of the intergalactic sheriff Burton and his assistants. Download Space Marshals 2 for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The gameplay of the second part of the game has not undergone significant … Read more

Returner 77 for iPhone and iPad – Space Puzzle with Amazing Graphics

The developers of Returner 77 are not very modest. The studio that created this amazing puzzle called itself Fantastic, yes. What can you expect from a developer with such a pompous name? “We are creating the universe. What are you doing? ”- this is how visitors are greeted on the studio’s website. Surely games from … Read more

DISCOUNT (459p → 99p) Game Love You To Bits for iPhone and iPad – an incredibly beautiful story about love in space

Love you to bits (I Love Your Every Bit) by Alike Studio is a romantic, point-and-click puzzle adventure set in the vastness of the universe. Download Love You To Bits for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The plot of the game tells the story of the adventures of a young space explorer Cosmo, who is … Read more

DISCOUNT (799p → 279p) Morphite game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – high-quality space action platformer

Crescent Moon’s Morphite is a first-person space action platformer with a procedurally generated world. In practice, Morphite is the spiritual successor to No Man’s Sky for mobile devices, with the only difference that instead of millions of procedurally generated worlds, the game features only 15 planets, but well-developed and unlike one another. Download Morphite for … Read more

Space velocities: how fast does one need to fly to leave the Earth, planetary system and galaxy?

Despite the fact that domestic cosmonautics is going through hard times, to put it mildly, more and more people of different ages and educational levels are interested in space today. Through the efforts of private investors and popularizers of science, the space outside our planet is becoming more interesting, accessible and understandable, attracting curious citizens … Read more

How much space is left in the mailbox (email): how to find out in the Mail app on Mac

Depending on the email service you use for personal and business communications, you may have limitations on the size of your storage. For example, a service like Google limits the storage for its applications, for example Gmail. If you require more space, you will have to pay for it. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to automatically … Read more

10 most unusual drawings visible from space with coordinates on Google Maps

Geoglyphs are figures drawn on the ground that are visible from a great height. In the old days, such drawings were depicted for religious purposes. These days they are made as jokes. Below are the 10 most interesting drawings from all over the globe. This graphic is located in Wilmington, England. The length of the … Read more

DISCOUNT (379r → 75r) Game Space Marshals – high-quality space western shooter for iPhone and iPad

Space Marshals is a popular science fiction and western adventure game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. Download Space Marshals for iPhone and iPad (App Store) “Dangerous criminals have escaped from an intergalactic prison – and this is great news for all fans of the battles. In a tactical shooter with a top view … Read more