How to wake up a computer from sleep mode automatically on a schedule

For most users, the computer has become such an integral working tool that every day we repeat the same action – we turn on this device for further work with it. Moreover, in addition to cyclicality, there is also a pronounced periodicity. Someone turns on the computer in the morning, while still drinking coffee, and … Read more

How to Get Sleep: 11 Best Practices

Severe sleep disorders result in death, almost always painful death. Harvard professors, in the person of assistant professor of neurology Patrick Fuller (Patrick Fuller), has developed a list of definitive advice for those who are determined to avoid such a fate. True, have to make an effort and work on your habits. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

How to put your Mac to sleep (lock screen) – 7 ways

How to put your Mac to sleep (lock screen) – 7 ways

Putting your computer into sleep mode is undoubtedly a useful and often used option. Thanks to the lock and sleep mode, you can almost instantly continue to work from the moment you stopped. There are several ways to lock your Mac. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with each and choose the most convenient for … Read more