Hidden calculator, or how to use Siri to solve examples on iPhone and iPad

The voice assistant Siri is well known to iPhone and iPad owners, but not everyone uses its capabilities to the maximum. As a rule, only basic Siri functions are very popular – often we ask the assistant to set a reminder or alarm. Another basic function is a calculator, but for some reason few people … Read more

Siri Feature You May Not Know About

With the release of iOS 12, Apple released the Teams app for automating routine operations. This innovation is designed to make life much easier for users – and we will make it even more convenient. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to get (and send) a link to photos stored on iPhone or iPad. In this article, … Read more

Apple TV Siri Remote Hotkeys

In addition to the obvious functions of the Siri Remote from Apple TV, the meaning of which is fully revealed by the icons on the buttons, the accessory is endowed with several more, which most of the users are hardly aware of. In this article, we will tell you about the hidden capabilities of the … Read more

How to turn off Hey Siri without going to Settings or touching any switches

As you know, iOS function “Hey Siri” Allows your iPhone or iPad to constantly listen to voice commands, even when the device is unplugged. This is very convenient, but not always appropriate. For example, an outsider near you can say magic words out loud, and your gadget will “wake up” at the most inopportune moment. … Read more

Ask Siri, “What does the fox say?” and hear a crazy answer. Why does she answer that way

Apple supported a famous clip on the Internet: by asking Siri the popular phrase of the song of the same name “What does the fox say?”, she will answer you with “words” from the chorus. We have already written about our five smaller brothers, who have become world-famous Internet stars, but today it’s time to … Read more

How to find forgotten passwords on iPhone, iPad or Mac using Siri

Surely you use many services that require a password. At the same time, the security policy recommends the use of various complex combinations in each individual case. It is not surprising that a situation may arise when you want to log into some site, but do not remember your password. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

Budgie activates Siri voice on iPhone (video)

A two-year-old budgie named Kiwi was able to independently activate the voice of Siri’s digital assistant on the iPhone. The bird learned to masterfully imitate the owner’s voice, overhearing how he repeatedly appeals to artificial intelligence. ♥ BY TOPIC: Parrot repeats iPhone ringtone (video). A user recorded a funny video of a budger’s conversation with … Read more

How to explain Siri who is your friend, brother, wife, children, etc. and what is it for

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How to communicate with Siri on iPhone and iPad text (without voice commands)

Apple developers have traditionally paid great attention to the convenience of people with disabilities. For example, starting with iOS 11, shortcuts from Universal Access can now be added to the Control Center, and it is possible to make a request for Siri from the keyboard. The new feature is called “Typing text for Siri“. As … Read more

Why a touchpad keyboard turns the Apple iPod Pro into a millennial generation tool

Why a touchpad keyboard turns the Apple iPod Pro into a millennial generation tool

Against the backdrop of the global history of coronavirus, which has swept the entire global information space from Wuhan to Cupertino, the spring announcement of Apple with the presentation of the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air may not seem like such a significant event as in the past. Apple had to not only cancel … Read more