Self-deleting WhatsApp messages: how to send

In August 2021, WhatsApp introduced a new feature in its iOS and Android apps. With its help, users can exchange photos and videos that disappear immediately after opening. The very name of this function speaks volumes about its essence – “One-time viewing”. It removes content immediately after another person has viewed it, a similar feature … Read more

Disappearing Vkontakte messages: how to send

The messenger of any social network is an important tool for it, because it is with its help that users can communicate directly. That is why VKontakte pays such attention to the possibilities of sending messages. Now disappearing and silent messages appeared in the branded application. How it works? ♥ BY THEME: How can Vkontakte … Read more

How to send a large video from an iPhone, Android, or computer

It would seem that as Internet speeds increase, sending large files should also become easier. In fact, the task is still difficult. The simplest solution is to send the file by email, which runs into the 25MB email size limit set by most service providers. But this does not at all make the problem unsolvable. … Read more

How to cancel sending an email to Gmail after clicking Send

One of the benefits of email is instant message delivery. However, this convenience sometimes comes at the cost of inconvenience. Once an email has been sent, it cannot be returned. Sometimes this leads to problems if an incomplete message is sent, or it was sent to the wrong recipients. Fortunately, Gmail allows you to quickly … Read more

How to compose and send disappearing messages in Viber on iPhone and iPad

Probably not everyone knows that the official Viber app for iOS allows you to send disappearing (self-deleting) messages. They are automatically deleted after the specified time after viewing. In this article, we will tell you how to send such messages on iPhone and iPad. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to send and receive self-deleting messages in … Read more

How to send and receive self-deleting messages in Telegram (text, photo or video)

Surely not all Telegram users know that the popular messenger for iOS and Android allows you to send and receive self-destructing messages, including text, photo and video files. When sending a message, users of the messenger will be able to set the period of time during which the content will be available to the recipient. … Read more

How to send iMessage animated handwritten messages on iPhone

With the release of iOS 10, messaging on the iPhone and iPad has become more personalized with new stickers, effects, and enhanced emoticons. In addition, the application has been added the ability to send handwritten messages, and to make it as simple as that. ♥ BY TOPIC: iMessage and SMS, or why messages on the … Read more

iPhone does not send SMS. What to do?

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