Search, no network or why the iPhone does not see the SIM card

Sometimes users face such a problem while traveling, using roaming, after reinstalling iOS, hardware repair (battery or display replacement) of the smartphone, or a long period of inactivity (without recharging) – the operator logo disappears on the iPhone and there is no connection to the cellular network. Let’s try to figure out what is the … Read more

How to return the Safari search bar in iOS 15 to the top

In early reviews of the iOS 15 beta, everyone noted significant and important changes to the Safari browser interface. Perhaps this is the most obvious rethinking of the program’s design since its introduction on the iPhone. The changes were obvious, but not everyone was happy with the option Apple proposed. ♥ BY THEME: How can … Read more

Review of the game Ayo: A Rain Tale for iPhone, iPad and Mac: Child of the Sahara in search of drinking water

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The Witness for iPhone and iPad: The Ultimate Puzzle of a Vain Search for Universal Principles

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How to use search on Mac

Sometimes it happens that you worked fruitfully, saved a document, quit the program and … forgot where you saved an important file. Maybe you downloaded a file from the network and it disappeared, or you worked with a document more than a month ago and just don’t remember where it was located. Regardless of how … Read more

IPhone Quick Search: How to Open and Use

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How to see what queries you entered in Google search and optionally delete them or disable tracking

Any search query that you enter while logged into a Google service is stored in your Google account. Based on this information, the user receives more accurate and useful recommendations in Google services. This article will show you how to view and delete your search history if you do not want this information to be … Read more

Latitude network, or how to enable “Find iPhone (iPad)” offline search to find disabled devices

At WWDC-2019, Apple introduced a lot of interesting innovations. One of them is the new Locator app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. The program combines the capabilities of the Find iPhone and Find Friends services. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to hide lock screen notification text from prying eyes on iPhone or iPad. The application allows … Read more

How the Find in Page search option works in Safari on iPhone and iPad

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DISCOUNT (299p → 149p) Review of the game Valleys Between for iPhone and iPad: in search of the perfect balance

The current global climate (both environmental and political) is worrying, and Little Lost Fox’s developers seem to agree with this statement – more nature is needed. But humanity cannot just forget about what it has already built, can it? Download Valleys Between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (App Store) This dilemma is presented in Valleys … Read more

How to sort, search, and organize emails in Mail on Mac (macOS)

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New iOS 14: How to sort photos and videos using search filters in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad

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New in iOS 14: How to quickly search for the right emoji emoticons on iPhone by name

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Search doesn’t work on Mac: how to rebuild Spotlight index on macOS

Spotlight on macOS is a system application for finding other programs, documents, contacts, bookmarks, emails, third-party application items, and more from one central location on your Mac. For optimal performance, Spotlight uses an indexed database of all drives and files on your system, unless they have been explicitly excluded from the search. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more