Transistor is a futuristic action RPG for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Surely many mobile (and not only) gamers will easily remember the first major development of Supergiant Games – Bastion, released in 2013. Fans of such action-RPGs are strongly recommended to download another suitable product of the American studio – Transistor… Download Transistor for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (App Store) The game takes place in … Read more

Battleheart 2 for iPhone and iPad: the long-awaited sequel to the tactical RPG

The original Battleheart was one of the most awesome mobile games of 2011. Her line-drawing mechanics have become a breath of fresh air on touchscreen devices in due time and spawned many imitators. Download Battleheart 2 for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The success of the first game was due not only to its intricate … Read more

DISCOUNT (999p → 449p) Banner Saga 2 – the continuation of the tactical role-playing RPG for iPhone and iPad

Two years after the successful launch of Banner Saga, Stoic has released a sequel, which is essentially the second episode. It is assumed that the “saga” will contain only three parts, but the possibility of creating spin-offs in the future is not denied. A game Banner Saga 2 originally appeared on PC and Mac, but … Read more

DISCOUNT (RUB 699 → RUB 179) Titan Quest – Action RPG game for iPhone and iPad

DotEmu studio continues to port legendary games to iPhone and iPad. Along with Heroes of Might and Magic for iOS, the action RPG Titan Quest was also presented for iOS devices. Download Titan Quest for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The original version for personal computers hit the market about ten years ago. Since the … Read more

SteamWorld Hand of Gilgamech: Review of an RPG Card Game for iPhone and iPad

The product of the Swedish studio Image & Form, called SteamWorld Tower Defense, was released for the Nintendo DSi, but it was noticed and appreciated by gamers. The company decided not to develop the original genre of the game, but to use the existing successful style. The main thing is that the idea caught on. … Read more

DISCOUNT (379p → 75p) Evoland game: a unique RPG in which the quality of the graphics changes as you progress

If you are tired of standard games with a predictable plot and are looking for something new that does not fit into any one genre, we recommend that you pay attention to Evoland. Someone might argue that Evoland is a real RPG, but don’t make premature conclusions. Download Evoland for iPhone and iPad (App Store) … Read more

DISCOUNT (229p → 75p) Assassin’s Creed Identity for iPhone and iPad – Action RPG with a large open world

French developer Ubisoft has released a version of the game “Assassin’s Creed Identity»Specially for iPhone and iPad. Download Assassin’s Creed Identity for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Role-playing game allows you to create your own assassin and look at the Italian Renaissance through his eyes. In order to reveal the mystery of the mysterious Ravens, … Read more

DISCOUNT (749p → 0p) Implosion – Never Lose Hope – Console quality RPG for iPhone and iPad

Implosion – Never Lose Hope is another game characterized by its creators as a “console quality” product. To what extent the descriptions of the developers correspond to reality, you can find out below. Download Implosion – Never Lose Hope for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The phrase “console quality” is not always true. At best, … Read more

DISCOUNT (749р → 379р) Game Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition for iPhone and iPad is an ageless classic of the RPG genre

Every year there are more and more releases of games, but the classics do not age at all from this. Today we suggest recalling one of the best RPGs for the iPhone and iPad – Icewind dale from studio Overhaul Games. Download Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Although the game … Read more

DISCOUNT (749р → 379р) Game Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for iPhone, iPad and Mac – re-release of the cult RPG

A game Baldur’s gate came out in 2000 and at that time seemed to be the crowning glory of the RPG genre. Firstly, it struck the attention of developers to details, secondly, it had a famously twisted plot, and thirdly, it was endowed with beautiful graphics. Over time, projects began to appear more difficult and … Read more

DISCOUNT (379р → 149р) To the Moon for iPhone and iPad – soulful indie RPG with a touching plot

Not everyone favors indie games, which were also awarded with various “independent” festival prizes. At the mention of such projects in the imagination often there is a picture of some cheap crafts, with a dull dramatic plot and primitive pixel graphics. However, in the midst of such creativity there are games that resonate in the … Read more