How to configure Windows to eject USB sticks and drives without using Safely Remove.

One of the first lessons in working with flash drives involved removing them from a computer port. Everyone knows that you cannot turn off a USB flash drive unexpectedly, while writing information to it. And at the end of the work, it is necessary to carry out Safe Removal devices. But in Windows 10, the … Read more

How to remove duplicate files (photos, etc.) and free up space on Mac: the best free apps

Many users have probably faced the problem of a large number of duplicate files. Copies take up a lot of Mac SSD space, slow down the installation of updates, and are confusing when looking for a specific file. ♥ BY THEME: How do I use Quick Notes on Mac and iPad? In most cases, duplicates … Read more

How to remove scratches and restore shine to the steel frame of iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro

IPhone models of recent years are a real work of art. The solid display on the front and the sleek glass over the metal panel on the back give the feel of a true premium device that no other smartphone can match. However, the steel bezels of the flagship iPhones look chic when you first … Read more

Microphone icon on the iPhone keyboard: How to remove / enable

Despite the fact that modern iPhones come with a fairly large screen, it is not uncommon for many users to accidentally press the microphone button while typing quickly on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone. This problem is especially true for those with thick fingers, or using an iPhone with a small display. ♥ BY … Read more

Where do the green or yellow dots come from in the iPhone camera photo and how to remove them?

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Startup on Mac, or how to add (remove) programs to start when macOS boots

Would you like some applications to open automatically when you boot your Mac? This saves time and eliminates the need to repeat the same steps every time you start macOS. There are several ways to configure startup applications. This is very easy to do and only requires a one-time setup. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

How to block a number on iPhone, how to view and remove numbers from the blacklist

Cold calls (when you don’t expect someone to call you), unpleasant or just annoying people – from time to time each of us really wants to use the services of the so-called “black list”. But not everyone knows how to do it! A short educational program on the topic awaits you below. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

Editing Live Photos on iPhone: How to Apply Effects, Remove Audio and Crop

Only with the arrival of iOS 11 did the Live Photos function migrate from the category of useless advertising marketing to the really necessary tool with which you can get high-quality bright and impressive pictures. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to move multiple app icons on iPhone or iPad at once (video). What are Live Photos? … Read more

How to remove red eyes from photos on iPhone or iPad without additional applications

The problem is as old as the photography industry itself, unpleasant, but solved long ago, and in more than one way. The function of eliminating “red eyes” in the eyes of people in front of the lens of a mobile communicator is available in almost every thematic application, both for iOS and Android. And the … Read more

How to remove pause between songs when listening to music on Mac (smooth transition)

When you listen to music in the Music (iTunes) application on a Mac, you may notice the apparent pause that occurs between tracks. But you can make listening more comfortable by providing a fading ending to the composition. Thus, it will be possible to achieve a smooth transition between songs – one gradually disappears, and … Read more

How to add or remove languages ​​on the iPhone or iPad keyboard

When you first set up your iPhone or iPad in Russian-speaking countries, iOS automatically adds three basic layouts to the keyboard – English, Russian and emoji. However, sometimes novice users are faced with the problem of adding or removing a language, we will tell you how to do this in the material below. ♥ BY … Read more

How to remove unnecessary suggested email addresses in Mail on Mac

The email client on Mac always keeps in memory a list of those email addresses with which you corresponded. When you write a new letter, the application post office often prompts you to choose the address you want from several different options at once. But what if you don’t need it? ♥ BY TOPIC: How … Read more

iPhone Changes Volume by itself: How to Disable and Remove Volume Limit in iOS 14

Music lovers among iPhone and iPad owners have probably noticed that the new operating system iOS 14 programmatically limits the maximum sound level in headphones, reducing it at its own discretion. The material below will talk about how to increase the volume of your AirPods or EarPods over the limit, and why Apple strongly recommends … Read more

How to remove mimoji stickers from iOS keyboard (leaving only emoji) on iPhone and iPad

Starting with iOS 13 (iPadOS 13), mimoji stickers appeared on the virtual keyboard. Now, when you open the emoji keyboard on an iPhone or iPad, you can see a separate section with stickers on the left side of it. This step seems reasonable, except that the stickers replace the panel that recently displayed the last … Read more

How to Remove Backgrounds Without Photoshop: Some Useful GIMP Techniques for Working with Backgrounds

The GIMP is a simple yet powerful image editing tool. This free program provides several options for removing the background component of the image at once, which may well replace similar options in the expensive Adobe Photoshop. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to make an image with a transparent background on Mac in Preview. In this … Read more

How to remove or change the depth of blur effect in portrait photos on iPhone

The Portrait feature, which debuted on iPhone in 2016, allows you to capture shots with depth (sharp images with blurred backgrounds). With each new version of iOS, Portrait Mode continues to evolve with new features. In this article we will show you how to remove the depth effect from the resulting images. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

How to remove badges (red circles) on application icons on iPhone

Mobile device owners are familiar with the so-called badges (stickers) – red circles with a notification counter displayed over application icons. They are very convenient when it comes to frequently used programs (social networks, e-mail, etc.). ♥ BY TOPIC: 20 iPhone features that can be disabled for most users With just a glimpse of your … Read more

How to remove location data from photos on iPhone and iPad

All photos and videos we take with iPhone or iPad contain information about the place where they were taken. It’s about metadata. This information makes it easier to organize and sort your media. But transferring photos and videos into the wrong hands will allow outsiders to know where you live, work, or play. Fortunately, starting … Read more

Mac fonts (macOS): where to download, how to add (install) and remove

The average user is quite satisfied with the standard set of fonts for Mac. But what if you are a marketer or designer and you regularly need to select a new font for your next project? Fortunately, macOS today has enough tools to easily install and use third-party fonts. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to record … Read more

How to remove programs from Mac (macOS), even if the cross does not appear in Launchpad

Uninstalling applications on a Mac is not such an obvious process as it seems at first glance. And all because in macOS, unlike iOS, it is possible to install software not only from the virtual App Store, but also programs downloaded from the websites of the developers themselves. ♥ BY TOPIC: The most difficult passwords: … Read more

How to remove the background from the picture (photo) online for free: 5 best services

Removing background images for graphics is a fairly common task. But it is not always solved easily (detailed instructions), even using such a specialized software product as Photoshop or its analogues. We bring to your attention the 5 best services that will quickly and for free help remove the background in the image. ♥ BY … Read more

How to change (remove) the strap (bracelet) on the Apple Watch

How to change (remove) the strap (bracelet) on the Apple Watch

Given the cost Apple watch, For sure, among the users of this device there are many who want to eventually update the appearance of smart watches for a relatively small price, simply replacing the strap. ♥ BY TOPIC: Alarm clock on Apple Watch: how to enable, configure and manage. You can own both a sporting … Read more

How many iPhone, iPad and computers can I attach to Apple ID: where to look, how to remove unnecessary devices

How many iPhone, iPad and computers can I attach to Apple ID: where to look, how to remove unnecessary devices

ITunes (replaced with app in latest macOS Music) on Mac and PC, allows you to view a list of devices associated with the Apple ID, as well as delete devices that are no longer needed. ♥ BY TOPIC: iPhone new, demo or refurbished (ref, CPO, like new) – how to check by model number. When … Read more