Why are red eyes appearing in the flash photo and can this be fixed?

If earlier photography was the lot of the elite – the technique was expensive, and the process of developing films was complex and painstaking, today numerous gadgets have learned how to take pictures. And our smartphone, with which we part, it seems, only for the time of sleep, turned out to be an excellent camera. … Read more

How to remove red eyes from photos on iPhone or iPad without additional applications

The problem is as old as the photography industry itself, unpleasant, but solved long ago, and in more than one way. The function of eliminating “red eyes” in the eyes of people in front of the lens of a mobile communicator is available in almost every thematic application, both for iOS and Android. And the … Read more

How to remove badges (red circles) on application icons on iPhone

Mobile device owners are familiar with the so-called badges (stickers) – red circles with a notification counter displayed over application icons. They are very convenient when it comes to frequently used programs (social networks, e-mail, etc.). ♥ BY TOPIC: 20 iPhone features that can be disabled for most users With just a glimpse of your … Read more