Famous quotes of Steve Jobs | Apple

Steve Jobs’s wit was expressed not only in his products, but also in his statements, which, apparently, will be remembered for centuries. Here is a list of the most effective and memorable statements by the creator of Apple, spoken throughout his entire tenure as CEO of the company: ♥ BY THEME: The largest video archive … Read more

How to disable smart quotes “Christmas trees” in iOS on iPhone and iPad

A feature called smart quotes first appeared on macOS. Thanks to it, auto-correction of characters “” to “” works. Not all users found this option useful, but it can be easily disabled in the section Keyboard in System Preferences… Starting with iOS 11, smart quotes were also added to the mobile OS, which raised the … Read more

Motivational quotes from billionaires | Apple News. All about Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS, macOS and Apple TV

The combination of luck and cynical calculation, talent and the ability to use the status of a protege, business intuition, painstaking work, forming a personality – formulating the secret of successful people in a few sentences is quite difficult. But you can leave them to describe the milestones on the path to wealth and triumph. … Read more