Programs for recovering deleted files on a hard drive or SSD of a computer: 10 of the best applications

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How to take a screenshot on a Windows computer: 4 ways + the best programs to take screenshots

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Applications for school on iPhone and iPad: an overview of useful programs

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DISCOUNT (1749r → 899r) Inspire Pro – one of the best drawing programs for iPad + case studies

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How to display iPhone (iPad) screen on Mac without additional programs

AirPlay has been used in Apple devices for nearly 20 years. This feature enables users to stream audio and video from one supported device to another. Surprisingly, Mac computers were denied the ability to receive content over this wireless protocol. Fortunately, this changed with the release of macOS Monterey (installation guide). ♥ BY THEME: Undo … Read more

Startup on Mac, or how to add (remove) programs to start when macOS boots

Would you like some applications to open automatically when you boot your Mac? This saves time and eliminates the need to repeat the same steps every time you start macOS. There are several ways to configure startup applications. This is very easy to do and only requires a one-time setup. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

An overview of all the standard programs from the Utilities (Others) folder on a Mac: what is each for

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Songs on the contrary or Apogee on iPhone: an overview of the programs of a popular audio game for a fun company

From 2004 to 2012, a fairly popular show “Good Jokes” was aired on the STS TV channel, one of the most interesting fragments of which each time was the “APOZH” round with the host Alexander Pushny. You can recall the format and play a similar game with friends using special programs for iPhone and iPad, … Read more

Apple Magic Mouse default gestures + programs for adding new gestures

The Magic Mouse stands out among its brothers in that it allows you to use gestures on its surface with one or more fingers. Buy Magic Mouse 2 To find out more about exactly what this kind of possibilities are opened with the Magic Mouse, go to the menu Apple () → System Preferences and … Read more

How to create a Gif from any YouTube video without using special programs

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Features of the macOS Calendar, or how to schedule the launch of files or programs on a Mac at the right time

When you are going to a business meeting, be it an online conference, a phone meeting, or a face-to-face meeting, you will most likely need at least one document. In order not to forget it for sure, add the required file to “The calendar” on your Mac. ♥ BY TOPIC: Continuity: How to get started … Read more

Scanner and OCR for iPhone, Android and computer for free: 7 best programs

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Programs for torrents for Mac (macOS): Transmission – the best free client

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How to find and combine duplicate contacts from iPhone Phonebook on macOS without installing programs

How do we work with the address book, where all our contacts are stored (phones, names, notes, etc.)? In most cases – how God puts on the soul. As a result – no organization, a lot of unnecessary and, most offensively, duplicating contacts. How to restore order? If you use your iPhone in conjunction with … Read more

10 unnecessary standard programs in Windows 10 that can be removed

New versions of operating systems not only become faster and more convenient, but also overgrown with many tools and applications. Perhaps this is user concern. That’s just not all of these utilities they need. Many components of Windows 10 are never used by us, but consume resources or simply take up disk space. In conditions … Read more

How to record video from a computer screen in GIF (gif) on Windows and Mac: 6 free programs

Recording from a computer screen is a very useful thing that can be useful in various situations, for example, for designing materials, a visual explanation of how a particular function / program works, or just to turn a fragment from a funny video into a GIF file. There are many applications that allow you to … Read more

How to resize multiple photos at once on Mac (macOS) without installing additional programs

If you have a large volume of photos that you want to resize, it’s easiest to use the macOS built-in preview feature. You can, of course, use special applications or the corresponding functions in photo editors, but the “native” preview function will allow you to do this quickly and conveniently, and we will tell you … Read more

Archiver for Mac (macOS): how to create and open archives, which programs to use

If you need to send several files by mail, then compressing them into a ZIP archive will help reduce their size and number. It’s easier to send one file than several. Sometimes even multiple folders are required to be archived. Fortunately, the Mac has a built-in solution for this. The same tool will also be … Read more

How to remove programs from Mac (macOS), even if the cross does not appear in Launchpad

Uninstalling applications on a Mac is not such an obvious process as it seems at first glance. And all because in macOS, unlike iOS, it is possible to install software not only from the virtual App Store, but also programs downloaded from the websites of the developers themselves. ♥ BY TOPIC: The most difficult passwords: … Read more

The best Lightroom counterparts: 10 programs for Windows and Mac, available without subscription

The best Lightroom counterparts: 10 programs for Windows and Mac, available without subscription

Many photographers consider Adobe Lightroom to be their standard application for working with pictures and editing them. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to purchase the program and work with it as long as required. Now Adobe Lightroom is distributed by subscription only. Such a business model, unfortunately, is not suitable for everyone. It … Read more

How to clear (delete) the cache on Mac (macOS) manually and using special programs

For macOS, it’s common to use part of the user’s hard drive for everyday operations. Your web browser constantly downloads new data, which it subsequently saves to speed up loading in future sessions. Applications such as video editors and iTunes (the Music app) also store a cache of exported files and album art. ♥ BY … Read more