Review of Monument Valley 2 for iOS – the sequel to the popular puzzle game

The announcement of the sequel to the masterpiece puzzle Monument Valley 2 came as a surprise to many attendees of the WWDC 2017 Opening Conference. the release of the second piece of the puzzle has truly become an event in the mobile gaming industry. Download Monument Valley 2 for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Just … Read more

Prohibited films: TOP 10 popular films banned in certain countries

It is believed that banning films only fuels interest in them and is often deliberately provoked by the creators. However, cinema without a license and a distribution certificate in the vast majority of cases loses almost all potential profit, and the reasons for the ban are sometimes so unclear that one involuntarily begins to doubt … Read more

HoPiKo game for iPhone and iPad – popular platformer in 8-bit style

“HoPiKo“- the popular” 8-bit “platformer from the studio Laser Dog. The plot is uncomplicated – the Nanobite virus breaks free, which poses a threat to the entire virtual reality. In order to protect the world from danger, the main character enters the game. Download HoPiKo for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Its task is to … Read more

Review of the game Oddworld New’n’Tasty for iPhone and iPad – a quality remake of the popular 3D-platformer quest

Probably, many people remember the hit of the late 90s – the game Oddworld with characters whose name could not be pronounced without blushing. “Mudokons” and “glucons” were then heard by many, including those who had never been interested in video games. Nowadays, you can play your favorite childhood game on your iOS device. Or … Read more

Most Popular Videos on YouTube: TOP 25

Since its founding in 2005, YouTube has evolved significantly. Initially, viral videos were the most viewed, but now the records are increasingly held by music videos. An indicator of the popularity of the video was its membership in the “Club with a billion views”. The first such video was the song Gangnam Style in 2012, … Read more

AliExpress Sale “We are 11”: 15 useful and profitable products from popular brands

The largest AliExpress sale started in 2021: “We are 11” in honor of the birthday of the popular trading platform. Discounts for certain categories of goods reach almost 70%. The sale runs from March 29 to April 2. On this occasion, we studied the range of stores and collected a selection of high-quality gadgets, accessories … Read more

Extreme places of the world, popular on Instagram: 20 photos and videos

By posting photos to Instagram, everyone wants to get as many “likes” as possible. In pursuit of recognition, some Instagrammers are even ready to put their lives in danger, as evidenced by photographs taken in the most unexpected places and under the most unexpected circumstances. We bring to your attention 20 extreme pictures from Instagram, … Read more

How to enable Shazam directly in the browser on your computer + view the TOP-200 most popular songs

Music identification service Shazam is not looking to lose its popularity. Still, the function was initially in demand, and since its inception, nothing has changed – millions of people still want to understand what kind of music they hear. In 2017, this service was acquired by Apple, which allowed it to better integrate with the … Read more

DISCOUNT (299p → 99p) Review of Reigns: Her Majesty for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV – the continuation of the popular game Reigns

Reigns: Her Majesty – the continuation of the successful game Reigns, where you could decide the fate and balance the competing forces (church, people, army and treasury) by simply swiping your finger across the screen. Download Reigns: Her Majesty for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (App Store) Download Reigns: Her Majesty for macOS (Mac App … Read more

Songs on the contrary or Apogee on iPhone: an overview of the programs of a popular audio game for a fun company

From 2004 to 2012, a fairly popular show “Good Jokes” was aired on the STS TV channel, one of the most interesting fragments of which each time was the “APOZH” round with the host Alexander Pushny. You can recall the format and play a similar game with friends using special programs for iPhone and iPad, … Read more

Types of football: 15 popular types of football that you may not even have heard of

Although the most popular sport in the world, classic football is not interesting for everyone. But some of its varieties, sometimes more dynamic and action-packed, are certainly able to interest even people far from the world of sports. ♥ BY TOPIC: UEFA Champions League Anthem: download ringtone, lyrics and translation into Russian, plus interesting facts. … Read more

An orchestra of old computer components plays popular music hits (video)

Many readers will probably remember the times when floppy drives, dot-matrix printers, dial-up modems and other peripheral devices that emit a furious mixture of squeaks, clicks and buzzes while working were still relevant. Perhaps, it will also be interesting for many to look at the “academic” performance of popular melodies by these devices. ♥ BY … Read more