Daggerhood Review for iPhone and iPad: High-Quality Pixel Platformer with Unique Mechanics

Many people have developed their love for platformers by playing Prince of Perisa and its many varieties and clones on various platforms. The game is considered a classic, albeit outdated. Any fan of this genre knows that a successful game is a game with the ability to creatively use the time to complete it. Empty … Read more

DISCOUNT (579p → 379p) Eggggg game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV: colorful nausea platformer not for the faint of heart

Eggggg is a nausea-driven mobile adventure platformer developed by Norwegian studio Hyper Games. The game is based on the movie “Gilbert’s Terrible Revenge” and tells about the adventures of young Gilbert in the world of evil cyborg chickens. Download Eggggg for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (App Store) The main character is unlucky in life … Read more

HoPiKo game for iPhone and iPad – popular platformer in 8-bit style

“HoPiKo“- the popular” 8-bit “platformer from the studio Laser Dog. The plot is uncomplicated – the Nanobite virus breaks free, which poses a threat to the entire virtual reality. In order to protect the world from danger, the main character enters the game. Download HoPiKo for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Its task is to … Read more

See / saw game for iPhone and iPad – minimalistic platformer with original mechanics

Every year, app stores for mobile and other platforms are replenished with, if not thousands, then certainly hundreds of arcade platform games, and it would seem that nothing new in this genre can be invented. However, the developers are still able to captivate gamers with fresh ideas, as Philip Stolenmeier does. Download see / saw … Read more

Yuri game for iOS and Mac – author’s platformer with original art and unique atmosphere in the style of Limbo

In order to create a good game for iPhone and iPad, it is not necessary to start a revolution in a particular genre. It is enough to invent interesting characters, take care of high-quality graphics and convenient controls, as well as not forget about the original style, which will give the project a unique mood. … Read more

Review of Dere Evil Exe for iPhone and iPad – Super Hard Classic Platformer

Dere Evil Exe from AppSir Games has two distinctive features. Firstly, it is the originality and unusual presentation, and secondly, the complexity. Many players still complain about being stuck in the third chapter, on a level with disappearing platforms. Download Dere Evil Exe for iPhone and iPad (App Store) This game is a great and … Read more

Gleam of Fire review for iPhone and iPad: retro action platformer

Aspiring developer Su Min Kim undoubtedly knows what a spectacular exit is. Proof of this is his first mobile game, Gleam of Fire. Fans of action platformers will surely appreciate this retro arcade game full of enemies, battles, attacks and combos, monsters and their bosses. Despite the simplicity of the plot, the project does not … Read more

Limbo is an incredibly atmospheric puzzle platformer for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Despite the fact that the project Limbo Originally developed by indie studio Playdead, which consisted of three people at the time, the game became a bestseller literally immediately after launch. If for some reason you are still not familiar with this wonderful platformer, we recommend reading the material below. Download Limbo for iPhone, iPad and … Read more

DISCOUNT (499p → 15p) Alto’s Adventure – an exciting “winter” platformer for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

In winter 2015, an exciting platformer appeared in the App Store Alto’s Adventure for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV from software developer Snowman Software. The game is a never-ending “obstacle course” and mesmerizing “physical” gameplay. Download Alto’s Adventure for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV (App Store) Download Alto’s Adventure for macOS (Mac … Read more

DISCOUNT (799p → 279p) Morphite game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – high-quality space action platformer

Crescent Moon’s Morphite is a first-person space action platformer with a procedurally generated world. In practice, Morphite is the spiritual successor to No Man’s Sky for mobile devices, with the only difference that instead of millions of procedurally generated worlds, the game features only 15 planets, but well-developed and unlike one another. Download Morphite for … Read more

DISCOUNT (379р → 0р) Ocmo game review for iPhone and iPad – an original puzzle platformer for hardcore gamers

The App Store offers a huge assortment of games for every taste, but among them rare pearls that do not repeat successful puzzles, runners, arcades or shooters are rarely found. The Ocmo jigsaw puzzle from Team Ocmo is one of them. This unusual platformer for iPhone and iPad with stylish graphics and realistic physics tells … Read more