Make a caricature from a photo for free: an overview of the Caricaturer service

Recently, sketches, cartoons and friendly miniatures are gaining popularity again. But artificial intelligence doesn’t want to keep up with humans. Not so long ago, an online service appeared that, based on photographs of people, creates their caricatures. The name of the service is quite eloquent – Caricaturer. ♥ BY THEME: Old Face in FaceApp is … Read more

How to make a painted portrait from a photo for free

Recently, Internet services are becoming more and more fashionable, which allow you to change a person’s appearance. And if at first glasses and a beard were added to the face, then the development of artificial intelligence gave new opportunities. Not so long ago, users were carried away by transforming themselves in photographs into persons of … Read more

How to post a photo or video to Instagram on iPhone directly from the Photos app

With iOS and iPadOS options Share this in the “Photos” application, users Instagram can easily post photos and videos without launching the main application. ♥ BY THEME: How to view on Instagram all the photos you “like”. How to post a photo or video to Instagram on iPhone directly from the Photos app In order … Read more

Where do the green or yellow dots come from in the iPhone camera photo and how to remove them?

You may have come across the fact that a photo of a beautiful sunset captured on your iPhone suddenly turns out to be spoiled by a noticeable green or yellow dot. It spoils the whole impression of the landscape. ♥ BY THEME: How to take RAW photos on iPhone and iPad (without losing quality). This … Read more

Darktable – Free Photo Editor – Adobe Lightroom Alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux

Sooner or later, any person involved in photography will surely hear the advice: you need to shoot in RAW. As soon as you follow it, you will find out over time that files in this format are not like other traditional graphic formats. You will need special programs to open RAW and work with it. … Read more

How to recognize and translate text from a photo on an iPhone without installing applications

Among all the new features in iOS 15 (installation instructions), the Live Text feature seems to be the most requested. It also works on iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. The essence of this function is that it extracts (recognizes) words from images and then inserts them into notes, emails, etc. Users have already appreciated the … Read more

How to turn any photo into a mosaic of emoji emoticons

Humanity is constantly adding something new to its culture. Even classic pieces and shapes can be easily transformed into emojis. It may even seem that any emotions, images and actions will sooner or later find reflection in such a popular format. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to turn hand-drawn doodles into full-fledged drawings… But programmer and … Read more

GPS coordinates of a photo (location) on an iPhone: how to find out?

Did you like the landscape or landmark that your friend’s iPhone captured? Are you planning to visit the same place in the near future and would like to get the exact GPS coordinates of this location? It couldn’t be easier! Ask a friend to send you the exact GPS coordinates of the location where the … Read more

ICloud Photo or Photo Stream? What is the difference between services on iPhone, iPad and Mac

ICloud Photos (formerly called iCloud Media Library) and My Photo Stream offer the ability to transfer photos and videos to Apple devices and personal computers. Both functions work in a similar way, except for some nuances, for example, iCloud Photos also allows you to update videos, while My Photo Stream works exclusively with photos. ♥ … Read more

How to process any photo on iPhone with Instagram filters without posting to the network

Often we see a photo on the Web and wonder how a picture taken with a smartphone can be so perfect? In many cases, the answer is very simple – meticulous filtering on Instagram helps to achieve perfection. However, there is a catch. Applying filters to a photo involves posting it to Instagram. ♥ BY … Read more

How to take a photo while filming on an iPhone

In each of their new models of gadgets, developers are trying to implement as many innovations as possible so that their devices stand out from competitors’ products. Recently, due to the growing popularity of mobile photography and video, device manufacturers have begun to pay special attention to the cameras with which they equip their smartphones … Read more

Photo slideshow on iPhone: how to do it?

Even experienced iPhone and iPad owners do not always know that their devices have a beautiful and convenient way to display photos in slideshow format. Below we will explain how to enable this feature. ♥ BY TOPIC: 20 iPhone Camera Functions Every Apple Smartphone Owner Should Know How to enable photo slideshow on iPhone and … Read more

Singing photo: how to make and what application you need on iPhone or Android

The word “deepfake” no longer surprises active Internet users. And what seemed like a joke until recently, today seems like an interesting and promising technology. We consider a deepfake a certain alien character artificially introduced into a video clip using neural networks and machine learning. But the meaning of this phenomenon is much broader. ♥ … Read more

Full screen photo when calling an iPhone: how to do it?

The address book on a modern device is not just a phone book, but a rather functional contact file containing email addresses, links, social profiles, call options, and other information about people. Moreover, each entry can be accompanied by a photograph of the subscriber. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to turn on / off front (front) … Read more

Online photo editor for free: 5 services for fast online photo editing

It is inconvenient to launch Photoshop, Pixelmator or GIMP every time to perform simple tasks, such as resizing photos or blurring areas of sensitive information in an image. Alternatively, you can use a number of websites that can do the same tasks in an instant. In addition to convenience, the services listed below do not … Read more

How to open HEIC photo on Windows or Mac

There are many graphic formats, but there are not so many popular ones. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, differences in compression algorithms. So, TIFF is suitable for storing raster graphics or images with a large color depth, PDF allows using the capabilities of the PostScript language, and JPG (JPEG) is most … Read more

What is HDR, Auto HDR and Smart HDR in an iPhone camera, should it be turned on, and how does it affect photo quality

Smart HDR is, as the name suggests, similar to normal HDR, but smarter. This feature first appeared on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in 2018. It takes full advantage of all camera sensors, the power of the A12 Bionic neural chip, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and the latest advances … Read more

Brushstroke, or how to turn a photo into a painting on iPhone and iPad

Due to the wide possibilities, products Apple popular with a large number of users. Many photographers, both beginners and experienced, have already appreciated the quality of the iPhone camera, as well as the large selection of applications that allow you to work with the resulting images and edit them at your own discretion. Download Brushstroke … Read more

How to get a link to a photo or video from iPhone (iPad) and share it without installing any applications

Standard function Shared Albums on iOS, iPadOS and macOS offers iPhone, iPad and Mac owners to easily share their photos and videos with any user (including Android, Windows, etc.). In this case, on the basis of the website, a photo website is created from individual photos and videos or entire albums. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

Why are red eyes appearing in the flash photo and can this be fixed?

If earlier photography was the lot of the elite – the technique was expensive, and the process of developing films was complex and painstaking, today numerous gadgets have learned how to take pictures. And our smartphone, with which we part, it seems, only for the time of sleep, turned out to be an excellent camera. … Read more

How to automatically improve photo quality on iPhone and iPad

Many Apple fans often take photos using the company’s mobile devices. And if the composition of an image taken on an iPhone or iPad looks great right away, then the colors sometimes require some adjustment. In such cases, the built-in tools of the application can come to the aid of users “Photo“. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

How to gift an iPhone? Pack in a chair! An example of original packaging (photo)

According to various studies, Apple products are most coveted as gifts for the winter holidays. It is not surprising, because “apple” devices are widely appreciated in society. And, nevertheless, sometimes it is very difficult to somehow present a brand new iPhone in an original way, because the famous packaging with the “apple” usually speaks for … Read more

How to rotate a photo on iPhone or iPad

As you know, Apple tries to make its software as simple and straightforward to manage as possible. This applies to everything, even such seemingly insignificant details as the rotation of a photograph. ♥ BY TOPIC: “Saving data”, or how to enable saving of mobile traffic on the iPhone. If you want to make a horizontal … Read more

How to save a draft of an editable photo with effects to Instagram on iPhone

Did you get unexpectedly interrupted during a lengthy Instagram photo editing process before posting? Did you know that in the official Instagram client, you can save a draft of the edited (or partially) photo, with the possibility of further editing or publication. In this article we will show you how to use this useful option. … Read more

How to make Deepfake animation from photo or video on iPhone

Augmented reality and neural networks are gradually conquering our world. And it is no coincidence that Apple is working with this direction in its products. Already, the programs have become so advanced that they can independently make a video from a photograph. ♥ BY TOPIC: Snapchat face aging video: how to animate yourself from young … Read more

The first bicycle: history of creation, evolution of design (photo)

In the modern world, the bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport. And this is not surprising – the cars are relatively light, compact, do not require fuel, are environmentally friendly and safe. ♥ BY TOPIC: There are 16 circles in this picture, can you see them? The first bicycles very vaguely … Read more

Male poses for a photo shoot on the street or in the studio: 20 posing options for handsome photos of guys and men

It’s no secret that men don’t particularly like to be photographed. For some reason, the stronger sex seems unworthy. That is why photo shoots for guys are much less common than for women or children. And few guys love and know how to show off in front of the camera, unlike girls. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

Tim Cook turns 60, and how Apple CEO looked at school (photo)

Tim Cook may now be the head of the world’s most successful technology company, but like all greats and not greats, he was once a child, a pimply tall teenage schoolboy from the small town of Robertsdale, Alabama. Cook doesn’t like to share information about his past, however, thanks to the album of school photos, … Read more

How to turn a face in a photo into a zombie

Gone are the days when zombies were an integral part of horror movies. With the participation of the living dead, serials and even comedies are being shot today. Today, these monsters no longer frighten anyone. For example, on Halloween, many try on the appropriate images. Even neural networks are involved in attempts to form them. … Read more

How to quickly compare “before and after” a processed photo and an original on an iPhone or iPad

The Photos app on iPhone has long gone beyond just viewing pictures, but it also offers basic editing functions. This makes it possible, if necessary, to quickly correct the picture. But in iOS 13, tools have improved even more, including for working with video. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to correct perspective and straighten objects in … Read more

Camera sound in iPhone: how to enable or disable when taking a photo

As iPhone owners have probably noticed, when taking photos, the camera is accompanied by a characteristic sound. Many users do not pay attention to this sound, but sometimes there are situations when such “musical accompaniment” can interfere with others, for example, when you need to photograph a lot of documents in a small office space … Read more

How to turn a person in a photo into a Disney cartoon character

While some are only arguing about the fundamental possibility of the emergence of artificial intelligence, others are already actively using its functions. Computers successfully implement neural networks that work on a principle similar to the human brain. This opens up wide opportunities – algorithms have learned to think out what a person does not see. … Read more

How to make your face look thinner or fuller in a photo using filters on iPhone or Android

Social networks involve an active exchange of their images. With this in mind, photographs are very often edited. There is always a temptation to retouch your face, correct flaws in your figure. After all, the published photo will become available for viewing by many people – no one wants to embarrass themselves. True, today standards … Read more

How to transfer a photo (video) from an iPhone to a computer, USB flash drive or external hard drive

IPhone owners with little storage space sometimes marvel at how quickly their smartphone runs out of space. This problem is most often encountered by lovers of photos and videos, as well as fans of Live Photos. ♥ BY TOPIC: Tap iPhone Cover – Take a screenshot: How to bind actions to tap on the back … Read more

How to send and receive self-deleting messages in Telegram (text, photo or video)

Surely not all Telegram users know that the popular messenger for iOS and Android allows you to send and receive self-destructing messages, including text, photo and video files. When sending a message, users of the messenger will be able to set the period of time during which the content will be available to the recipient. … Read more

How to take a photo or video directly in Notes for iPhone and iPad

The Notes app on iPhone and iPad is great for storing text messages, useful information, thumbnails, lists, and more. This application has another great feature, namely the ability to take photos or videos and insert them directly into the note text file… ♥ ON TOPIC: What is QuickTake on iPhone, or how to take a … Read more

How to zoom in on a photo on a Mac

Every Apple computer comes preinstalled View – multifunctional file viewer. This is where photos and PDF files are opened by default, it is there that you can edit the image without special programs. ♥ BY TOPIC: The best Mac viewer, or how to view photos on macOS – the best apps. Most often, Mac users … Read more

Old Face in FaceApp – an application for iPhone and Android that will age a person in a photo

If you wish, you can find a lot of programs on the Internet that can automatically age or rejuvenate a person in a portrait photo. The FaceApp application, which will be discussed in this article, differs from others in its stunning realism, which ensured it first places in all kinds of ratings in the App … Read more

Google’s photo scanner for iPhone, or how to post old paper photos to Instagram without glare

At the end of 2016, Google introduced the PhotoScan program for digitizing paper images. It would seem that such an application can contain that almost completely duplicates the functionality of a standard camera? First, the developers at Google have implemented a new image capture algorithm. Now this procedure takes a little longer, but the result … Read more

Levitagram, or how to create a photo on the iPhone with the effect of levitation (flight)

IPhone lovers can find a lot of useful programs on the App Store with which you can take really interesting pictures. Moreover, for this often you do not need to deal with the complex functionality of powerful editors, but rather install an easy-to-use application. Download Levitagram for iPhone and iPad (App Store) How to create … Read more

Free photo stock: 5 useful sites for legal downloading of copyright photos

On the Internet you can find many pictures for a variety of purposes. That’s just the use of these images is not always legal. Pictures even on the Internet can be protected from commercial use or personal projects. Willingly, one has to think about copyright and royalties. But on the Internet there are many resources … Read more

How to make a white background (delete / change) on a photo in iPhone in PhotoRoom application

Today, the field of mobile photography is developing at an unprecedented pace. The capabilities of cameras are being improved and improved, including through software tools. There are also applications that can easily implement certain tasks, for example, automatically delete the background on the photo directly on the iPhone. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to create a … Read more

What is the “golden hour” when taking a photo, or at what time of day it is better to take pictures on the street

The term “golden hour” professional photographers call the time of day with the most favorable lighting. Light is a very important aspect of photography. You can capture the most stunning landscape or model, but without the right lighting, you get a flat, boring and inexpressive picture. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to change / replace the … Read more

How to remove the background from the picture (photo) online for free: 5 best services

Removing background images for graphics is a fairly common task. But it is not always solved easily (detailed instructions), even using such a specialized software product as Photoshop or its analogues. We bring to your attention the 5 best services that will quickly and for free help remove the background in the image. ♥ BY … Read more

Photo by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and other IT celebrities in their youth

Want to look at Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Tim Cook, Bill gates and other high tech industry gurus in their school and college years? Like all people at their age, they also took pictures for graduation albums. The best pictures are collected below. ♥ BY TOPIC: The real names of the stars are what is … Read more

How to make a photo collage online: an overview of the best services

You no longer need to search and install third-party, often paid, applications to create an attractive collage. In this article we will talk about the most worthy online services for creating collages. Absolutely free Russian service for creating collages. The first advantage of the service is the ability to create compositions from images not only … Read more

DISCOUNT (149р → 0р) Color Accent: How to change individual colors in a photo to black and white on iPhone and iPad

Given the love of iPhone users for photography, developers regularly update the collection of graphic editors in the App Store, equipping them with all new and new features. Reporting Application – Color accent – Designed for fans to play with the color scheme of their shots, in particular, the development allows you to change the … Read more

How to change / replace the sky in a photo using the Luminar application on Windows or Mac

Luminar is an application for macOS and Windows that allows you to edit photos, improving them in many ways. One of the most impressive features of Luminar is the ability to adjust the sky in the picture. It happens that you took a good photo, but it turned out to be a plain grayish sky. … Read more

How to create a double in the photo (clone objects) on the iPhone

Surely every lover of photography has repeatedly seen pictures in which the same object is captured in different positions. To achieve such an effect, it is not necessary to have editing skills and use complex editors; just install a simple application on your iPhone or iPad. Download ClonErase Camera for iPhone and iPad (App Store) … Read more

How to make a black and white photo color: 4 services for automatic coloring of black and white photos

The next generations will look at us with high-resolution color videos. But the images of our grandparents we store most often in the form of yellowed and cracked black and white photographs. They convey the ambience and spirit of the time, but he clearly lacks colors. But they could play an important role, but the … Read more