Thomas Was Alone is a poignant parable about friendship, loneliness and the desire for freedom

Indie projects are subtle and peculiar games that not every gamer can appreciate. Every year, developers put out a huge number of projects on the mountain, but only a few of them achieve recognition and commercial success. Minimalistic platformer Thomas was alone from Bossa Studios is just one of those cases. This game is a … Read more

DISCOUNT (499p → 29p) Game Flower for iPhone and iPad – atmospheric ecological parable that will change your inner world

For the most part, modern games are quite “bloodthirsty” projects aimed at those players who lack emotion, action and adrenaline. Almost any popular line, for example, Grand Theft Auto or Hitman GO, is not complete without murders. Annapurna Interactive’s Flower project belongs to a completely different category of games. Download a game Flower for iPhone … Read more