How to change the background of the Safari home page on iPhone and iPad

One of the biggest and most noticeable changes to iOS 15 (detailed review) on the iPhone is the completely redesigned Safari browser. The application has changed both externally and internally. The new Safari should make one-handed operation easier and more customizable. In particular, the user can now set their own background. Here’s how you can … Read more

How to quickly go to the top of the page (top) on an iPhone in any application

From the earliest days of the iPhone, it has a great feature – a quick “climb” to the top of the page from anywhere, for example, on a website page in Safari, correspondence in instant messengers, a note or any other application. To do this, just touch the upper part of the screen (status bar) … Read more

How to delete the page of a deleted friend (dog) VKontakte

Active communication on a social network implies a large number of subscribers. Friends are not always interesting and useful – from time to time you have to block and delete them. But in the properties of the page, all these blocked accounts look quite menacing, scaring off potential new subscribers. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

How to choose and set a wallpaper on the start page of the Safari browser on macOS

Along with the release of the version of macOS, called Big Sur, many standard applications of the operating system received improvements. For example, the Safari browser, which is the main working tool for many users, received an important update in the form of its version 14. Moreover, this already changed product with its own improvements … Read more

How the Find in Page search option works in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Surely every Internet user is familiar with the situation when you need to quickly find a certain word or part of the text on a web page. Fortunately, this option is available in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Use the option “Find on page»In the Safari browser, users of iOS 9 and higher … Read more

How to link to specific text posted on a site page in Chrome: 2 ways

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Where on the Mac keyboard (MacBook, iMac) are the Page Up and Page Down buttons, as in Windows

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How to print (save) a page on a Mac without ads and extra blocks on a Mac

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How to save a website page in Safari on iPhone (iPad) for reading without the Internet: 5 ways

How to save a website page in Safari on iPhone (iPad) for reading without the Internet: 5 ways

In this article we will talk about one very useful feature that allows you to save web pages in a regular Safari browser on iPhone and iPad for later viewing without an Internet connection. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to quickly translate sites (web pages) in Safari on iPhone and iPad: 3 ways. For various reasons, … Read more