Make a caricature from a photo for free: an overview of the Caricaturer service

Recently, sketches, cartoons and friendly miniatures are gaining popularity again. But artificial intelligence doesn’t want to keep up with humans. Not so long ago, an online service appeared that, based on photographs of people, creates their caricatures. The name of the service is quite eloquent – Caricaturer. ♥ BY THEME: Old Face in FaceApp is … Read more

Applications for school on iPhone and iPad: an overview of useful programs

The training has begun, which means that it is time for schoolchildren and students to think about preparing for classes. In the process, it will not be superfluous to supplement the training on textbooks by downloading useful applications to a smartphone or tablet that can significantly make life easier during the study period. ♥ BY … Read more

The Weather app in iOS 15: an overview

In 2020, Apple acquired the popular Dark Sky weather app, and in iOS 15, some of the program’s features were included in the official weather app. The Weather app’s design has undergone major changes in iOS 15, making it much more useful for predicting future weather. ♥ BY TOPIC: Safari Tab Groups on iPhone, iPad … Read more

Viewing Photos on Mac: An Overview of the Best Viewers for macOS

Almost all users who migrated from Windows to macOS look with bewilderment at the standard options for viewing photos. After all, here you can’t just open and flip through the images – everywhere there are some incomprehensible nuances. In this article, we will tell you how to properly work with navigation when viewing images using … Read more

An overview of all the standard programs from the Utilities (Others) folder on a Mac: what is each for

If you’ve just bought your first Mac and are used to working with Windows, you may find it helpful to learn about the standard applications found in the folder “Utilities”… In this article we will tell you about all the programs from the folder “Utilities”and what they are for. ♥ BY TOPIC: Notification Center in … Read more

Apple’s M1 processor for new Macs: an overview of features and performance

On November 10, 2020, during a regular event, Apple presented a new chip of its own production for Mac computers. It was named M1. According to Apple, the new processor can claim to be the fastest processor installed in laptops. And although such loud statements should be treated with a certain skepticism, it should be … Read more

Songs on the contrary or Apogee on iPhone: an overview of the programs of a popular audio game for a fun company

From 2004 to 2012, a fairly popular show “Good Jokes” was aired on the STS TV channel, one of the most interesting fragments of which each time was the “APOZH” round with the host Alexander Pushny. You can recall the format and play a similar game with friends using special programs for iPhone and iPad, … Read more

How to control the iPhone camera (photos and videos) from your Apple Watch: an overview of all the possibilities

Of course, current Apple Watch models do not have a camera. However, you can use the wearable device as a remote control to capture the perfect photo from your iPhone. Apple Watch has a built-in Camera application that allows you to control an iPhone located at a distance, taking a picture from it. ♥ BY … Read more

How to automatically organize files in Windows: an overview of the best applications

If you try to find out the exact number of files on your computer, then their number will surprise you. System files, temporary, personal, multimedia, application libraries … The only way to cope with an overabundance of information is to organize it. Here are just so many files, how best to organize them in Windows … Read more

How to Charge an Apple Watch from an iPad Pro or MacBook: Satechi Dock Overview

Typically, Apple devices seem to be a model of elegance and ergonomics. But there is no limit to perfection and there is always something to improve. For example, even a regular Apple Watch charger can become even more convenient and practical. Satechi proved this by launching a dock to charge a useful gadget. The solution … Read more

DISCOUNT (299р → 149р) [Игра года] Overview of Ordia for iPhone and iPad

The creator of the catchy Causality puzzle, Loju LTD, has unveiled its new product. Ordia was not as relaxing as her predecessor, but she definitely has her own face. A simple-looking game is addictive and forces you to make efforts for its passage. Ordia looks like a quality-made product that deserves attention. Download Ordia for … Read more

How to make a photo collage online: an overview of the best services

You no longer need to search and install third-party, often paid, applications to create an attractive collage. In this article we will talk about the most worthy online services for creating collages. Absolutely free Russian service for creating collages. The first advantage of the service is the ability to create compositions from images not only … Read more

Declutter Overview – Automatically Sort Files by Folder on Mac Desktop

Having Dock on macOS eliminates the many shortcuts to applications on the desktop. Often this does not apply to documents, multimedia files and other information that we clutter up the space with. This issue is solved by installing the useful Declutter utility, which we will cover in more detail in this article. Download Declutter for … Read more

Overview PopClip – a convenient menu of actions “like in iOS” on macOS with the ability to customize

A long tap on any text element in iOS leads to the opening of an auxiliary menu with which you can copy, paste, cut or perform some other useful action. The feature is definitely useful and convenient, so why not port it to the Mac? With PopClip, this is possible. ♥ BY TOPIC: Hidden Bar … Read more

All iPad models by years from first to last: overview and differences of each Apple tablet

Apple introduced its first iPad in 2010, and since then it is this name that first comes to the mind of any user from any country in the world when trying to find an association for the concept of a tablet computer. We think about the tablet, and the iPad immediately comes to mind, even … Read more

Waterproof case for iPhone 11, XS, XR, 8, 7: an overview of the best options with AliExpress

Waterproof case for iPhone 11, XS, XR, 8, 7: an overview of the best options with AliExpress

Most modern premium smartphones are clad in moisture-proof cases, but manufacturers do not guarantee the safety of the device after contact with liquids. That is, if an iPhone or other gadget crashes due to water entering the case, then the device is considered damaged due to the user’s fault, which means it makes sense to … Read more

Overview of the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11. Is it definitely needed?

Overview of the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11. Is it definitely needed?

Don’t you think your iPhone 11 Pro Max is running too low? If you answered yes, then that is not true. Or you mercilessly squeeze absolutely everything out of a smartphone. Play games without stopping for 5 hours, use the navigator without a cable all day and at the same time do not lower the … Read more