How to turn off notifications of new “Memories” on iPhone and iPad
Periodically, our iPhone or iPad may wake up or disturb the owner with a notification that a new one has appeared “Memory” in the application “
Turn off the sound of notifications in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and iMessage chats
Group messages on Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp or iMessage can be quite annoying, and if the group members are in different time zones, then communication
How to enable, disable and customize notifications on iPhone and iPad
If, due to your inexperience, when launching each new application, you always allowed programs and games to send notifications, then after a few days or
How to turn off command notifications from the Quick Commands app in iOS
application “Quick commands” is gradually becoming a user-friendly automation tool. However, this solution has its drawbacks.
How to turn on flash (flashlight) on calls and notifications on iPhone
Not everyone knows that starting with iOS 5, the developers from Apple have added an automatic flash function for iPhone owners when they receive calls
How to disable repeated notifications about received SMS and iMessage in iOS on iPhone or iPad
Many users experience the inconvenience of repeated notifications of received messages via SMS and iMessage in iOSwithout knowing that this feature can be turned off.
How to set up alarm notifications for people with hearing problems on iPhone
With the release of iOS 14 (a detailed review of new features), a new feature has appeared in the iPhone Universal access, which is called Sound Recognition.
Where is the flashlight in the iPhone, how to turn it on, change the intensity, and also use it for notifications?
Another article in the “For Beginners” series, in which we cover the obvious, for most users, iPhone features. For example, quite often new
How to properly configure notifications for WhatsApp, VK and Telegram on iPhone
It’s not enough just to lock the screen of a smartphone. It may happen that any stranger who has taken your iPhone into his own hands will be able to read
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