When a movie is better than a book: 7 examples of successful film adaptations

“The book is much better” – this is the kind of review received by 99% of film adaptations, and their creators are fiercely criticized for miscasting, deviations from the original plot, choice of locations, etc. There are, however, pleasant exceptions, which are listed below. ♥ BY THEME: TOP-10 popular but banned films. It is worth … Read more

Donald Trump in the movie: Home Alone 2 and other films, TV shows and videos starring the US President

The 45th president of the United States is considered a very shocking and sometimes odious person. And to be in front of the public Donald Trump has never been shy, he has a lot of episodic roles in films, series and videos, some of them are quite remarkable. ♥ BY TOPIC: The best movies: how … Read more

The best movies: how to find a good movie to watch – 9 working ways

From time to time, many of us have a desire to watch some good movie. Someone is looking for a movie on torrent trackers, someone on Kinopoisk or IMDB. Such resources offer a huge number of paintings, among which choosing a good one is quite difficult. According to the American Film Association (MPAA), the movie … Read more

How to record sound on a Mac (from iTunes, browser, movie, game, applications, etc.): 2 ways

If you need to record the audio stream from a video player, any application, or the Chrome and Safari browser, then know that you can not do this using standard means of the macOS operating system. But you can easily add such functionality on a Mac using third-party software. After that, you can record sound … Read more

The highest grossing films in movie history: the top 100

The entertainment industry has long been a highly profitable business area. In order to have an interesting and bright time, a person is willing to pay. From the very beginning of the cinema, this area was interesting to the public. And let the first films be black and white and dumb. Today, hundreds of millions … Read more

I watched the movie Banker from Apple. I’m almost thrilled

I watched the movie Banker from Apple. I’m almost thrilled

This week, the Banker movie about racial restrictions in the USA in the middle of the last century was released in the streaming service Apple TV +. The main roles in it were played by Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Nicholas Holt. The picture unexpectedly received high marks on the rottentomatoes portal and rather … Read more

Apple Hermitage video tour: unique five-hour movie shot on iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Hermitage video tour: unique five-hour movie shot on iPhone 11 Pro

Apple pays a lot of attention to the “Shot on iPhone” project. First of all, this allows us to evaluate the capabilities of the company’s flagship flagships, and such films undoubtedly have artistic value. In March 2020, the first film of this series filmed in Russia was presented. ♥ BY TOPIC: In which smartphone is … Read more