Microphone icon on the iPhone keyboard: How to remove / enable

Despite the fact that modern iPhones come with a fairly large screen, it is not uncommon for many users to accidentally press the microphone button while typing quickly on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone. This problem is especially true for those with thick fingers, or using an iPhone with a small display. ♥ BY … Read more

MacOS Music keyboard shortcuts to make listening to music more convenient

With the release of macOS Catalina, Apple decided to ditch the legendary iTunes media combine in favor of separate apps: Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. The Music application is practically the same as the iTunes music section, so most of the options have remained in their usual places. In this article, we will remind you … Read more

How to quickly type text in iOS on an iPhone or iPad keyboard

Using the “Replacing text“, Which is essentially a shortcut for a mobile operating system, greatly increases the speed of work when using the most popular phrases, expressions, postal or e-mail addresses, passport data, bank details, and so on. In this article, we will explain how to use this function. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to transfer … Read more

How to enable “one-handed” keyboard on iPhone for typing on the go

The iOS operating system contains many hidden “features” that can greatly facilitate the life of active iPhone and iPad users. One of them is a “one-handed” keyboard that can adapt to the needs of those who prefer to type on the go. ♥ BY TOPIC: Tap on iPhone Cover – Take a screenshot: How to … Read more

How to automatically switch the language (layout) on the keyboard in macOS or Windows

I’ve always envied English speaking computer users – they don’t have to switch keyboard layouts when working or surfing the internet. We are already used to combinations Ctrl + Shift (on Windows) or ⌘Cmd + Space (on a Mac), and in terms of the frequency of pressing, these “hot” keys sometimes even surpass the “overwritten” … Read more

How to add the  (Apple) character to an iPhone or iPad keyboard

Since 2014 logo Apple – that bitten apple – turned into an overriding thing. Now Cupertinians use it directly in the names of new products! A striking example is the smart watch  Watch. This is both an elegant and practical solution – the icon is much more descriptive and replaces 5 letters at once. … Read more

How to add or remove languages ​​on the iPhone or iPad keyboard

When you first set up your iPhone or iPad in Russian-speaking countries, iOS automatically adds three basic layouts to the keyboard – English, Russian and emoji. However, sometimes novice users are faced with the problem of adding or removing a language, we will tell you how to do this in the material below. ♥ BY … Read more

How to open a minimized window from the Dock in macOS using a keyboard shortcut

Powerful Mac and PC users know that they can help speed up and simplify their work with the system “hot keys “ or “shortcuts “… Mac keyboard shortcuts have been covered in several articles on our site. One of the most commonly used combinations is ⌘Cmd + M – allowing you to minimize the active … Read more

Mouse not working on Mac (macOS), how to control the cursor from the keyboard

Sometimes when working with documents, editing videos or creating 3D projects, it becomes necessary to move objects with pharmaceutical precision. MacOS has a very useful feature “Universal access», Which allows you to customize the mouse pointer control using the Mac keyboard. The short instruction below will tell you how to enable the “Control keys»And move … Read more

How to remove mimoji stickers from iOS keyboard (leaving only emoji) on iPhone and iPad

Starting with iOS 13 (iPadOS 13), mimoji stickers appeared on the virtual keyboard. Now, when you open the emoji keyboard on an iPhone or iPad, you can see a separate section with stickers on the left side of it. This step seems reasonable, except that the stickers replace the panel that recently displayed the last … Read more

10 keyboard shortcuts for YouTube in your computer browser you didn’t know about

Youtube everyone loves – but not everyone is aware of the existence of “hot keys” that make watching videos much more convenient. The keys work with any video file and anywhere – both on YouTube and on any web page on the web. The best shortcuts are listed below. ♥ BY TOPIC: 70 interesting facts … Read more

How to turn off suggestions (predictive typing) on ​​the iPhone or iPad keyboard

With each release of the new generation of its proprietary iOS operating system, Apple is trying to improve and make life easier for users. However, not all introduced innovations turn out to be popular. For example, a highly controversial feature is predictive typing, which offers the user the most likely spelling of the current word. … Read more

Stylish Mac gadgets from Satechi: wireless keyboard and mouse review

It is in modern science fiction films that computer control is carried out with the help of mental commands or waves of hands in the air. In reality, everything remains the same – people have not come up with anything better than a banal keyboard and mouse. Yes, they evolve, at least by giving up … Read more

How to teach Mac keyboard to delete letters (move cursor through text) faster

At the whim of Steve Jobs, macOS deletes already entered text thoughtfully and slowly, which sometimes literally drives even the most patient crazy. How many letters you need to delete, so many times you have to press the Delete key. But you can fix it. How do I make deleting text (moving the cursor over … Read more

Where to find Home, End, PgUp, and PgDown buttons on a Mac keyboard from Windows

PC (Windows) users, moving to Mac, face a number of difficulties, for example, the lack of buttons on standard Apple Magic Keyboard Home, End, Page Up and Page Down… ♥ BY TOPIC: Mac for Dummies: 10 Helpful MacOS Tips for a Newbiein. These keys are a good help when working with large documents, spreadsheets, or … Read more

20 keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome on Mac (macOS)

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Keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between Safari tabs on Mac: 3 shortcuts

Want to jump from one Safari tab to another in the blink of an eye without using a mouse or trackpad? No problem – just memorize these simple commands. ♥ BY TOPIC: Everything about tags in the Finder on Mac. Option number 1 – Press and hold ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd, then press the left or … Read more

How to Switch Language on Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini Keyboard – 3 Ways

Most Russian-speaking Mac owners use two languages ​​when working – Russian and English, one of which is the main system language (all menus, windows, and so on are displayed in this language). One of the first questions a Mac newbie questions is: “How to switch the language on the Mac keyboard “… In this article, … Read more

Where on the Mac keyboard (MacBook, iMac) are the Page Up and Page Down buttons, as in Windows

Windows “switchers” often find an unpleasant detail – on Apple keyboards you cannot find the usual PC keys Page up (“Page up”) and Page down (“Page down”). There are no buttons – but, of course, there is a similar function. You can scroll through the page in one of two ways, we’ll tell you about … Read more

50 hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) Finder on macOS that everyone should know

Like most native applications on macOS, the Finder file manager offers a significant number of keyboard shortcuts to simplify the work. Below are 10 shortcut keys that you can use to manage your file system. ♥ BY TOPIC: MacOS system folders that can be deleted to free up space. 1. Launch a new Finder window … Read more

2020 MacBook Pro 13-inch review: finally with the old new keyboard

After the presentation in November 2019 of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which replaced the 15-inch model, many expected that the 13-inch “firmware” will also increase in size. The issue of choosing a keyboard mechanism remained relevant. Introduced in May 2020, the updated MacBook Pro 13 gave the final answers to all the questions that interested … Read more

How to automatically turn off the backlight of your MacBook keyboard when it is inactive

Keyboard backlighting is an amazing feature for any laptop. With its help, you can greatly facilitate your work in low light conditions. But if you forget to turn off the backlight, moving away from the laptop, and your five-minute absentee will suddenly turn into an hour, then this will lead to battery discharge of the … Read more

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Despite the fact that the mouse is a convenient and basic tool for working in Windows, organizing a workspace with it can be tedious. Fortunately, you can use many shortcut keys to switch between windows, minimize them, snap, expand, move or resize windows. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to create an invisible folder in Windows 10. … Read more

How to mute keyboard sound (clicks) on iPhone or iPad

The sound accompanying typing on the keyboard is an attempt to compensate for the sensations of working with physical keys, a kind of “feedback”. Someone likes it, someone – not really. Honestly, we are inclined to the latest version – when you type quickly, the cute sound of a typewriter seems like an unpleasant noise! … Read more

Comparison of MacBook Air 2020 and MacBook Air 2019: cool keyboard, more memory, etc.

Comparison of MacBook Air 2020 and MacBook Air 2019: cool keyboard, more memory, etc.

At the beginning of 2020, it became clear that major IT presentations in the first half of the year should not be expected. Apple simply introduced a number of new products on its website, in addition to the iPad Pro 2020, of course, the updated MacBook Air aroused interest. This event cannot be missed, yet … Read more

Why a touchpad keyboard turns the Apple iPod Pro into a millennial generation tool

Why a touchpad keyboard turns the Apple iPod Pro into a millennial generation tool

Against the backdrop of the global history of coronavirus, which has swept the entire global information space from Wuhan to Cupertino, the spring announcement of Apple with the presentation of the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air may not seem like such a significant event as in the past. Apple had to not only cancel … Read more

How to move up and down the virtual keyboard on the iPad screen

How to move up and down the virtual keyboard on the iPad screen

Did you know that the iPad keyboard can be moved around the screen? Many owners of the “apple” tablet are unaware that the virtual keyboard can be located in different parts of the screen, moving it up and down for ease of use. Depending on the situation, the keyboard can be moved completely or divided … Read more

15 Mac keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity

15 Mac keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity

We have already released a selection of useful shortcuts. We are expanding the library for everyone who prints and often uses browsers. Most likely, remember the tips quickly, but just in case bookmark spur. First press the buttons marked in green, and then – in red. If there are two red ones, then choose one … Read more

What keyboard shortcuts can I use when I turn on my Mac?

What keyboard shortcuts can I use when I turn on my Mac?

The Mac is impossible to kill – at least programmatically. Believe me, I checked, and more than once. No matter how hard I try to spoil the system “useful” tweaks and regular cleaning, always managed to restore it. Hidden in the system a whole range of service features, which provide an opportunity, including, to revive … Read more