Review of the game Darkest Dungeon for iPad: Journey of Mad Thugs through Lovecraft’s Nightmare

At first glance, Darkest Dungeon for iPad may seem like the most ordinary work of art in the RPG genre with the addition of roguelike elements, but if you do not abandon the game at the very beginning, then soon the user will begin to discover all the advantages of this project. Download Darkest Dungeon … Read more

Journey game review for iPhone and iPad

Thatgamecompany studio under the auspices of the Annapurna Interactive publishing house at one time managed to surprise a lot with the game Flower. She became a fresh breath, built on our emotions. The team’s next project, Journey, turned out to be no less interesting. Download Journey for iPhone and iPad (App Store) In Journey, the … Read more

DISCOUNT (499p → 99p) Old Man’s Journey for iPhone and iPad – a sincere game about life, loss and hope

There is a special charm in grief, its own gloomy beauty in pain, and only a few gifts of fate can compare with the ability to just say goodbye. Regret is an integral part of being, because in life so rarely gets a second chance. You will be able to feel the whole range of … Read more

DISCOUNT (299r → 99r) [Игра года по версии Apple] ELOH game review for iPhone and iPad: a wonderful musical relaxing puzzle from the creators of Old Man’s Journey

Mobile puzzle games are as popular as shooters, platform games and racing. Tired of the hectic rhythm of everyday life, plunge into the puzzle is just the thing. Such games can both entertain and relieve your head after a busy day. Download ELOH for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Most puzzles have a lot in … Read more

DISCOUNT (299p → 149p) Homo Machina game for iPhone and iPad – a fascinating journey deep into the human body

More recently, Darjeeling Productions presented a new project called Homo Machina. This is an addicting puzzle adventure that takes you on a journey deep into the human body and delves into a unique system of nerves, blood vessels and valves. The game is a kind of tribute to the German obstetrician-gynecologist, popularizer of science Fritz … Read more