How many iPhones and Macs can be linked to an Apple ID and how to delete unnecessary ones?

In order to fully use any device of the Apple company, you must have an Apple ID account and link to it. In this article, we will talk about what opportunities are opened after binding, how many devices can be bound, how to view associated devices and unbind them. ♥ BY THEME: Reminders on iPhone … Read more

Live Photos: how it works and which iPhones and iPads are supported

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Cheap iPhones in 2020/2021 – what models and where to buy them

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Burning the iPhone screen: what it is, on what iPhones can be and how to protect yourself

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IPhone 12 review: which iPhones will be released in 2020, design and release date in Russia

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How to enter iPhone into DFU mode. 3 ways for old and new iPhones

How to enter iPhone into DFU mode. 3 ways for old and new iPhones

Apple smartphones are very stable and rarely need to restore firmware. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to return the iPhone to its factory form in order to get rid of glitches after an unsuccessful software update or system failure. DFU mode is useful for this. 📍 Thank you re: Store for the helpful information. 👌 … Read more