11 interesting inventions for health, home and recreation

People are cunning, persistent and lazy creatures at the same time. Faced with another problem, we prefer not to suffer and endure, but to find an alternative way to solve it. Often surprisingly creative. Vacuum bin Someone in the old-fashioned way sweeps crumbs under the carpet, others exploit robotic cleaners with might and main, and … Read more

10 inventions that changed the world

Humanity is constantly coming up with something new to make life easier and expand the boundaries of possibilities. We do not even notice some inventions, meanwhile they noticeably affect us. But there are large and obvious inventions in our history that allowed civilization to move to the next stage of its development. We will tell … Read more

Hungarian Ernö Rubik and his legendary inventions: Cube, Snake, Ball and Clock

Ernö Rubik is known all over the world for one of his first puzzles – the Rubik’s cube. However, few people know that the inventor to this day actively runs his own studio, which, among other things, is engaged in the design of fascinating mechanical puzzles for children and adults. ♥ BY TOPIC: Reviews of … Read more