11 interesting inventions for health, home and recreation

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QR Codes: 8 Interesting Uses

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70 Interesting Facts About IT Technology You May Not Know About

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Neverending Nightmares game for iPhone, iPad and Mac – an original horror game with an interesting plot

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Why the dollar is called the buck, denotes the $ symbol and other interesting facts about the American currency

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8 interesting examples of landscape design to manipulate the behavior of citizens on the street

Annoying Design by Gordon and Selena Savić neatly debunks the myth of free use of public space in Europe. Architectural thought is cleverly used to subtly force you to do this, and not otherwise, in a given area – real objects in Vienna, Rotterdam, Lausanne and The Hague are examples of this. Metal upholstery for … Read more

UEFA Champions League Anthem: download ringtone, lyrics and translation into Russian, plus interesting facts

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Dolphins are not fish and other interesting facts about these cetaceans

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