13 unusual facts from the history of the IT industry

Sometimes technologies appear, develop and disappear for very strange reasons. The most interesting incidents “on the topic” are collected in our selection. Wi-Fi technology appeared thanks to the Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr is a famous Hollywood film star of the classical era. She is also a gifted mathematician and an expert on defense systems (she … Read more

Bruno Catalano’s Torn Travelers: A History of Unique Sculptures

Anyone who has seen such works of art will certainly not be able to forget them. “Travelers” by Bruno Catalano are dozens of unusual sculptures, significant parts of which have been literally torn out. It’s amazing how the top holds up at all! However, this is the “trick” of the project. As a result, the … Read more

How to delete all browsing history in Safari on iPhone and Mac

When a user visits sites on the Internet through Safari on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac, the browser automatically creates and stores a history of all visited web resources and searches on the device. If desired, this information can be deleted, which will not only protect the confidentiality of the data, but also … Read more

How to delete specific pages of Safari history on iOS and macOS

It makes sense to hide the traces of visiting some network resources, due to the mass of objective reasons. Before the release of iOS 8, this had to clean up the entire daily history, but the symbiotic bundle of modern versions of iOS + macOS already has tools for more flexible editing of browser logs. … Read more

Mac OS Versions by Year: Mac OS History: From System 1.0 (1984) to macOS Big Sur (2020)

Mac OS XIs certainly software excellence and a clear example of what the world’s best desktop operating system should look like. But she wasn’t always like this. The whole thorny path of becoming from System 1.0 to macOS 11 Big Sur in this material. The Mac OS was first introduced in 1984, along with the … Read more

The first bicycle: history of creation, evolution of design (photo)

In the modern world, the bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport. And this is not surprising – the cars are relatively light, compact, do not require fuel, are environmentally friendly and safe. ♥ BY TOPIC: There are 16 circles in this picture, can you see them? The first bicycles very vaguely … Read more

How to view your browsing history in the current Safari tab on iPhone, iPad or Mac

How do I return to a previously viewed page in Safari on iPhone? You can of course keep pressing the button “Back”until the page you want is found, however there is a way to do this much faster. Using this method, you can view a list of all recently visited pages in the browser. ♥ … Read more

Calculator on Mac: how to view calculation history

For those who often use the standard macOS calculator and need to constantly display all the mathematical operations performed, there is a very cool function that displays the calculation ribbon. Read about how to enable and use it in this material. The Tape of Calculations is a kind of history of all calculations performed on … Read more

DISCOUNT (599r → 75r) Evoland 2 game review for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – continuation of Evoland history

Shiro Games does not belong to those companies that produce a huge number of games of various genres for a wide range of users, although, judging by Evoland 2She has enough skills to do this. Evoland 2 – the continuation of the popular RPG with the same change in graphic style as you progress through … Read more

WWDC: History of Apple Developers Conferences 2007-2019 (video)

On launch day WWDC 2020, we suggest you take a short excursion into the past and take another look at past achievements of Apple by the example of those that were covered at previous conferences of Apple developers. The first Apple Developer Conference was held in Monterrey (California, USA) in 1983. Until 2002, WWDC was … Read more

9 strange, controversial, and curious moments in the history of Apple

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How did the word Spam appear: an amazing history of the origin of the term

“SPAM” is one of those words that we regularly use, but do not really understand why it carries this particular semantic load. How did the paste brand, which appeared on the market in 1936, become associated with the mass and unwanted distribution of advertising offers in the era of information technology? Not only did this … Read more

How to delete your browsing history (all or selectively) in Safari on iPhone and iPad

The capabilities of the Safari browser allow you to instantly delete the entire history of searches and surfing the Web on iPhone and iPad. But sometimes such “radical” measures are simply not necessary – it happens that we need to get rid of only recent activity. Safari has the appropriate settings. Data in Safari on … Read more

The highest grossing films in movie history: the top 100

The entertainment industry has long been a highly profitable business area. In order to have an interesting and bright time, a person is willing to pay. From the very beginning of the cinema, this area was interesting to the public. And let the first films be black and white and dumb. Today, hundreds of millions … Read more

How to transfer bookmarks and browser history from Google Chrome to Safari on Mac

Often we have to use different browsers depending on the operating system of the working device. The smartphone can work on Android, at work – a computer with Windows, and at home – MacBook. And sometimes even on the same computer for certain reasons you have to work with different browsers. ♥ BY TOPIC: How … Read more